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Promote One Thing At A Time

Promote One Thing At A Time

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What are you promoting this month? If you answered that question with multiple offers, then you definitely need to keep reading. I see so many people in the online space making the mistake of promoting WAY TOO MANY offers at one time leaving them with not much to show for all their marketing efforts. Let’s talk about why you should promote one offer at a time.


You need to simply.

Promoting one offer at a time means you can SIMPLIFY your marketing efforts, content, audience and life in general. Promoting more than one offer at a time creates more work for you which cuts into your profit and time. So get really clear and just promote one thing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your 1:1 offer, group offer, or a DIY offer. Just don’t try to promote too many things at one time.


It creates confusion. 

Promoting more than 1-2 offers at a time will create confusion. When your audience is confused, they are less likely to invest in your services/products. You are giving them too much information when you promote too many offers at once. This results in going into information overload.


People only have so much to invest. 

When you’re constantly throwing different offers at your audience, they don’t know where they should be investing their money.  So a lot of times they don’t invest anything. It really just makes more work for you. 


Promote one thing.

If you are not fully booked, what offer would you like to fill? Pick 1 or 2 things that you want to focus on and promote that. Get known for having a signature offer.

When you can get known for signature offers, you can create all of your content around it. Every piece of content can drive to it. Whether it’s a quick tip, a value post, a call to action, or a promotional type video or email, it doesn’t matter. You’re going to be talking about the same thing because you are only promoting that one thing. 

Promoting one thing at a time means you’re not sitting there staring at the computer wondering what you are going to talk about each day. You can easily look at your content strategy and know what you need to talk about. Make it easy for your audience to understand exactly what it looks like to work with you and what your openings are.


Here’s a little story time for you.

I actually just was working with a client the other day who was wanting to launch something new every week in January. When you do something like this, there’s absolutely no way for your audience to understand what they should be doing. It’s way too confusing and makes you sound like you’re always promoting something new. 

It makes you sound like you’re constantly in this position of desperation. Even if that’s not the case, that’s how it’s perceived. Perception is everything. So when you’re constantly promoting something new, your audience has no idea that you have a content plan to promote these things in a periodic way. They’re just hearing you promoting another offer when you were just promoting something else. Remember, they’re not seeing all the behind the scenes plans. 


You have to understand what that feels like to your ideal client. 

That’s why I say pick 1-2 things to promote. This is especially true if your 2 offers are totally separate offers. If you’re following me, you’re seeing that I’m promoting my 1:1 coaching, while also promoting my networking mastermind. They’re two totally separate offers. 

The networking mastermind, the Accelerated Business Alliance, has absolutely no coaching involved. But I have my coaching program, too.They have totally separate end results, and serve different audiences. But if you have multiple coaching offers, and you’re promoting all of them, that’s when it starts to get confusing. 


Promote one thing at a time. 

I’d love to know what one thing you have picked to promote. Jump into my Facebook group and find the thread about what you are promoting this month. As I always say, your next client could be sitting in there and you’re not sharing it. They may not know that you have an opening. So what is it that you’re promoting? Pick one thing and jump in there and share it with us.


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