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Masterminds Are Not Group Coahcing Programs

Masterminds Are Not Group Coaching Programs

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Let’s get one thing straight…masterminds are NOT group coaching programs. The term “mastermind” has been diluted in the online space far too much and too often. So much so, that most people think that a mastermind is just another group coaching program, but it’s not! Napoleon Hill defines a mastermind as the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony. Let’s talk about what differentiates a mastermind from a group coaching program.


Group coaching is not a mastermind.

Masterminds are more about bringing minds together collectively to create a place of harmony to work towards a common or similar goal. That means you’re all helping one another. When you have a group coaching program, most of the time the coach is the person that is giving the guidance. There’s not a lot of room for all the other members and participants to actually share their level of expertise. 


Masterminds are a powerful tool. 

There is nothing better than being able to talk to somebody else in a small group of people that can share their expertise, experiences, feedback, and insights. You can learn from everybody else. There’s power in speed and learning from other people. 

When you have a group coaching program, usually you’re only learning from one person, not everybody, because everybody else is on the same playing field. You’re all learning something at the same time. True peer to peer masterminds are designed to bring small groups of people together that share and serve a similar audience, have similar goals, and complement one another so that you can grow and excel in your business faster. That’s the power of masterminding. 


I used my mastermind so much last year.

It was so powerful to be able to get a different  perspective on things that were going on inside of my business. The fact is sometimes you are too close to something to be able to see it for what it is. That’s the power of peer to peer masterminding. 

Group coaching programs are group coaching programs. Masterminds are masterminds. They  are designed to be peer to peer, learning from one another. There is no one expert teaching to everyone. In a true mastermind, everybody brings their expertise to the table. You gain and grow together. 

I know the power of true peer to peer masterminds. They have a place in every single person’s business. Every single person in business should be in some form of a mastermind. I will stand 100% to my word on that. That does not replace coaching. Masterminds do not replace coaching. Coaching is very specific. It’s usually very customized to the person. 


Masterminds are designed as a think tank. 

They are a place to get those new perspectives. Places you can learn from other people’s experience, get different perspectives and feedback, and just share that common knowledge to grow together. I could talk about this all day, because I’m so sick of the online space diluting the words coach and mastermind. 


I have created a unique, true mastermind.

Inside of the Accelerated Business Alliance, I have combined the power of networking and masterminding. When I say masterminding, I truly mean masterminds in a sense of pairing people up with others that complement them. Think like a web designer, with a copywriter, with a graphic designer. This kind of pairing could be so powerful. 

Can you imagine if you’re a graphic designer, and at your fingertips, you have a web designer, a copywriter, a marketing strategist, and a business coach? And you meet once a month or every other week. Think about the power in that and the value you bring to your table because you have this amazing network of other people that you can go to if you have a question. That is what you want to see in a mastermind.


So if you are being sold on a mastermind, I want you to really look at it. 

See if it is a group coaching program or a true, peer to peer mastermind. If you are searching for a peer to peer mastermind, then go and apply for the Accelerated Business Alliance. I’m happy to chat further with you about that. But if you’re looking for a group coaching program, then go and find a group coaching program. Don’t allow these terms to get intermixed. You have to understand the difference between these two things. Do your research. 

If you want to join the Accelerated Business Alliance, you can learn more about it by clicking here. And if you want to just chat about the difference between masterminds and group programs, jump into the Facebook group. Let’s have a conversation.


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