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Are you creating collaborative relationships and offers with other entrepreneurs in your network to help increase the value you bring to your clients? It’s a simple fact that your clients are most likely going to need to work with additional people in order to get their goals accomplished. Let’s break down the benefits of creating collaborative offers to increase the value you bring to your clients.


Let’s kick things off with an example of collaborative offers.

As a coach, 90% of the time when clients come to me, and we’re putting a strategy in place, that strategy is going to require them to work with somebody else. That could be a marketing strategist, copywriter, legal consultant, graphic designer, branding specialist, etc. So what I have done, and what I really want to encourage you to do, is to find those people that you really enjoy working with, and figure out how you guys can work together by including each other’s services inside of your offers. Create collaborative offers!

The clients already invested with you. They know, like, and trust you. So by adding in this additional value to them, it’s really going to make a big difference. 


Let’s cover a few things I know are on your mind about collaborative.

You might be thinking, “Michelle, that’s going to cost me money. What do you mean I’m going to pay them on their behalf?” Pump the brakes. You accomplish this without outside cost to you by bundling your partner’s services into your package price. You make sure that the cost of your service is enough to where you can then outsource it and “hire” your partner.

I’m not saying that you’re going to bring them in on the long term on one of their biggest packages. What I’m talking about is usually like a one off type project.  It may be something like a coaching call, bundle of graphics, templates, or a landing page audit. These are what I would consider a low ticket offer to this outsource partner. But you have to remember that it might be a discounted rate from them. 

You also have to remember, if you’re on the receiving end of that, you’ve done nothing to gain this client. So you haven’t spent any money on marketing, time on client acquisition, or any out of pocket costs to acquire this client. You have somebody in this coach that is feeding you a client. 


However, you need to look at it from a different perspective. 

Think about the fact that now you have somebody that you never would have met before in your circle. There’s an opportunity to convert them to further work. So let’s say you do an audit on a landing page. Then, the next thing you know, they need help with another landing page. So they  come to you for another audit. And they may come to you for you to completely write a landing page. But the most important part is that you have another person that now knows who you are, the quality of your work, and will refer other people to you. 

So yes, the up front initial time for dollar exchange might not be what you’re normally charging, but you’ve not done the normal things to acquire this client. This person is literally being hand fed to you. And now you have an opportunity to convert them into a longer term client. You also have the opportunity for referral because you’ve nailed it. This is such a huge value add because they’ve paid nothing to work with you. 


The goal is to create these partnerships with collaborative offers.

Think about it. Trust me when I tell you that I didn’t add in these joint offers without making sure that the cost of my service could accommodate them. It can absorb the cost of what it was going to cost me to outsource it. I also have a cap on it. There is a limit on how much I’m willing to give out. I have a very specific number of what I am willing to outsource for a client. 

You can come up with whatever that looks like for you. That number might be different all around. But remember, this is a huge value add to the client, the person you’re referring to, and to you. It sets you above the competition. So it’s a win win situation all around. 


Here’s your key takeaways. 

1- Figure out who else your clients need when they hire you. Find those people and see if they’re willing to do a collaborative offer. 

2- Decide how you can promote this collaborative offer to differentiate yourself. 

3- Price your services accordingly to be sure you’ve absorbed the cost so your client doesn’t feel like they are being charged more than you quoted them. 

Collaborative offers create so much opportunity for client retention because of the massive value they add to your business. They are also a powerful way to build your business, and to help other people build their business. You figure out what you’re willing to put out and what you’re not, and then find the people that will work with you on that. 

There are some people out there who will not be interested in this kind of partnership. But there’s other people out there that will, and they bring just as much value. I highly encourage everybody to try to figure out how you can incorporate this into your business. It really is a game changer.


Let’s have a conversation about it,

Hop into the Facebook group. Let’s talk about it. I want to have a conversation around this. Who are those collaborative partners that you are  looking for? What do you bring to the table? Maybe I can make an introduction for you. I’d love to do that. We do these types of collaborations all the time inside the Alliance. If you want to apply to be inside of the Accelerated Business Alliance, you can check that out inside the group too.


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