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Do you feel like you are less productive in your business than you should be?  Maybe you are feeling like you are a little all over the place?  In order to combat this feeling of overwhelm, you need to structure your week.   You need a structure that’s consistent so that you can get more done.


Theme Days

You need to start by giving every specific day of the week a theme. This allows you to create certain days that you are focused on the certain work you need to get done.  Here is how I structure my week with theme days.

Mondays are for client calls and mastermind. 

That’s it. I do not schedule any discovery calls, any connection calls, any networking events…nothing.


Tuesday is an admin day.

If you are not scheduling an admin day, or at least half of a day for admin only, you need to do that.  Why?  Because you’re not giving yourself any time to actually get the things done on your list for your business that you want to do and that can cause overwhelm.


Wednesday is for phone calls again.  

This time I’m focusing on  networking, connection calls, discovery calls, whatever you call them. You need to be something for client acquisition and lead generation.  You have to focus on getting people into your circle. This is the focus of Wednesday.


Thursday morning I leave open for client calls or follow up admin.  

Maybe I had a conversation with someone on Wednesday and I need to send them a proposal or contract.  That’s the type of thing that I do during this time.  Thursday afternoons I leave open for more discovery calls.


Fridays are personal days for me. 

I catch up on work. I might batch create some content. If you do VIP days, set a day aside for those VIP days. If you do Done For You client work, set those days aside so you’re only doing client work on those days.This is how I personally structure my week for success using theme days. 

It has allowed me to REALLY focus on the topic of the day so that I can be more productive in all areas of my business.  Your week doesn’t have to be just like mine, but make sure you are allotting time for different areas of your business so that you can be super focused on those tasks.


Stop interrupting your days.

Do not interrupt your days with these random calls you don’t need to do.  Trust me when I tell you people will get used to this. This “need to be available the second somebody wants you” mentality comes from this world of instant gratification. It’s not going to help you grow. 

If you are an expert, in order for you to show up as your best self, you need to have this structure and those boundaries. If you are all over the place, bouncing from one thing to the next, how do you show up being your best self??? YOU CAN’T!  You cannot show up being your best self and give 100% to that call or to that task because you’re constantly thinking about the fact that you’re behind on something else. Setting aside certain times for certain things is crucial to your growth.


Take off the overwhelm

As a general rule, you need to have some boundaries and give yourself some structure. I promise it’ll take the overwhelm off. I do have a worksheet to help you lay out your week. If you would like it, DM me on Instagram. You can just say “weekly structure worksheet”. If you feel like you just can’t get it done on your own, let me know I’m happy to help you walk through it. Implement it and give it a couple weeks. It’s going to take time for you to get used to this, but I promise when you do…it’s going to be LIFE CHANGING.


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