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Information Overload Shuts People Down

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I know you might think the more information you can give your customer the better, but it’s actually counterintuitive. In fact, too much information can make people shut down before they even really begin. Let’s discuss what you can do to avoid causing your customer to shut down because of information overload.


More information is not always better. 

I know I’ve talked about this a lot, but I want to talk about it again because it just came up with another client. As solopreneurs and the experts in what we do, we have a tendency to want to give our clients the world.  We do this because we think that the more information they have, the better equipped they will be. But that’s not exactly accurate.

Most of the time, the more information they have, the more overwhelmed and confused they get. This leads to your customers shutting down. Which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. 


Here’s a perfect example of information overload causing a shut down.

I have a client who is a dog trainer. We created this virtual classroom for her students that basically allowed them to continue their dog training while she was not there with them in person. She has over 100 videos in this virtual classroom. It covers any situation that could possibly happen.


She’s gotten a lot of feedback that people sign up, but then they don’t do anything with it. When we talked to a couple of her clients who had taken some time to go through the virtual classroom, every one of them said that it was just too overwhelming and hard to navigate. As a result, they log out and don’t look back.

This is a perfect example that more is not better. I see this happening all the time with almost everybody. I even do it myself. So I have to catch myself constantly and remind myself to make a note of it so I don’t forget, but not move forward at that moment. 


How can you avoid causing information overload?

Think about how you work with clients and some of your products or services. Figure out if there’s a way that you can break them down to make them easier. You have to realize that you can either go wide or deep.

If you want to go deep, then go deep in one area. You need to have a specific focus and go really deep with it. If you want to go wide, then stay at the surface level or just below the surface and cover a wide range of subjects within your expertise.

You don’t want to attempt to do both. It’s not going to work.  That is where people shut down.  So don’t feel like you’re shorting your client out or you’re not giving them the biggest value. The truth is that if they shut down, they’re not going to gain anything from it at all.


Think of it as you are giving them the information that they need right now.

Once they have one thing figured out, then you can expand on that go deeper or wider.  But you can’t do that if they don’t know where to start. So I want you to ask yourself, “Am I shutting them down before they even start?” 

In my client’s case, that’s really what was happening. She was literally shutting her clients down before they even had a chance to start. All of the knowledge she has in her virtual classroom is really great, but it needs to be broken into little parts. So we took her huge classroom and broke it down into micro classrooms. So if you’re struggling with leash walking, you can just log into the leash walking course and see nothing else. 


Here’s another example.

I worked with a marketing strategist who did a 90 minute power hour session. When we talked about everything she covered during her session, it was very overwhelming. I had to have her send me a video of it because I couldn’t make any sense of it. 


So we cut it back. It’s not to say that her 90 minute sessions are going to be of less value now. They’re actually going to be more valuable because they’re going to be very focused on one area that she can go deep with the client on.  Then, if they need more, they can move to the next step. 


Look at your process. 

See if people are not giving you the best feedback.  If you feel like your clients aren’t getting the best results, then determine if you’re causing information that leads to your clients shutting them down before they even have a chance to start. Figure out if you need to break it down to be a little easier. 

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