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Have you ever looked at the calendar and then found yourself starting to panic about your quarterly or yearly goals when there is absolutely no reason to do so? I get it because I’ve been there. It’s easy to look at your goals and start to get concerned that you haven’t met them yet. But sometimes you just need to pump the brakes and chill– especially if it’s only February. Let’s down how you can avoid panicking by keeping your goals in perspective.


It happened to me.

The other day I found myself starting to panic a little bit about my Q1 goals and my goals for the year. I am feeling like I’m a little behind because I’ve been sick and had company. So I had to pump the brakes and keep things in perspective. 

Typically 5 to 10 days into a new month, people have a tendency to start panicking that they’re going to come up short on their goals. But here’s the cold hard facts…you’re only 10 days into the month. You need to calm down.


This is why you have to keep your goals in perspective.

At the time of this blog, it’s mid February. We all know that at the beginning of a new year a lot goes on. This is when people are just settling back into life. They’re coming off the holidays and have different things going on. It’s times like these that you really need to keep things in perspective. If you’re coming into Q4, and you’ve not landed a single client when your goal was to land 5 clients this year, then you need to start panicking. But right now it’s February, so you need to just chill.


You have to remember that things take time.

My husband and I were out to dinner around January 18th and I started to worry I was going to come up short on my goals. My goal was to get 2 new clients in January. Then, life happened. So here we are even a month later, and I have four proposals out. One of them just converted. 

Don’t just immediately assume you’re off target. Things don’t happen immediately. People don’t convert in a second. I even had somebody reach out to me and tell me point blank that we could have a call because they wanted to get to know me, but they would not be making a decision until Q2. And that’s okay. 


This is why I say set quarterly goals. 

Then at the end of the quarter, reflect back on it. You can look at the quarter and figure out if you are off track. You can examine all of the actions you took and even how many proposals you have out. Obviously, you don’t want to wait 8-10 months into the year to have this kind of conversation with yourself. But you also don’t need to be fretting about it every 10 days either. 

It’s all about perspective. You need to find that balance of making sure that you set attainable goals that aren’t so far out of reach that you’re never going to attain them. But also keeping in mind all of the different life things that happen and where people are at in different seasons of life.


Life has seasons.

People don’t come into a new year ready to jump into new commitments. They have to get back into their own groove. For example, I’m going to hire a new mindset coach. But I’ve had company in town. Now, I’ve been sick. We have to move in the middle of all this. Then we’re going on vacation. 

Because of all this, I haven’t committed to her. It doesn’t mean I’m not interested or that she’s not going to hit her goals. However, it just means I’m not ready to commit to it because I know I’m not going to be fully present. So again, it’s all about perspective. 


Put yourself in your client’s shoes.

I’m not in a position to commit to this mindset coach. So what makes me think other people aren’t in that same position? You have to be realistic and just give yourself a little grace. Look at the calendar and see if you really NEED to be panicking. Or are you just being ridiculous? 


Things don’t always move quickly.

We always want things moving faster than they do. If you aren’t experiencing that, then you probably are not in a position of growth. You’re not in that really high level of momentum. But if you are, and you’ve got a lot of momentum and things are moving really well for you, there’s going to be a point that you’re going to feel like things aren’t moving fast enough. We always think things should move faster. That’s just human nature. But keep just keep it in perspective that things come to those that wait.  


You know that ultimately things take time. 

Life happens. People get in different situations. Just keep moving forward. Keep following up, doing what you need to do, and reflect on it quarterly. I don’t really feel like there’s any room for any level of panic. No, I didn’t hit all my January goals. But now things are coming together in February. Then February is immediately moving into March.  So at the end of the quarter, I’m going to reflect back and see where I missed the mark and what I overachieved on. 


You really don’t need to be nitpicking yourself about your goals every week or every month. 

It’s just going to set you up to feel like a failure or feel like things aren’t moving in the right direction. That’s going to cause you to spiral and want to immediately move in a different direction.  It could even cause you to start to go down this path of imposter syndrome. None of that is necessary. 

So I say to just keep moving forward. Give yourself time at the end of every quarter to reflect. If you don’t work in quarters, then do it every 90 days. Don’t get ahead of yourself and start to panic about your goals. Keep them in perspective.

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