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Looking Beyond ROI

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Let’s talk about ROI.  The word “investment” gets thrown around a lot in the online space, and we are constantly talking about investing into our business. But today and in episode 106 on the Strategy in Small Doses Podcast, I want to flip the thinking a bit on the RETURN on investment.  We need to be able to look at investing into our business in different ways and the return is not always monetary.  


Many of you look at the investment and ROI incorrectly.

My goal is to help you shift your mindset when it comes to ROI. Instead of looking at it as money going out the door, think about it as how many clients or how much business you need to actually recoup your investment. You also need to consider other forms of ROI that aren’t monetary.


Here’s an example of ROI.

The investment into the Accelerate Business Alliance is $600 for a quarter. At first, you might be thinking that you don’t want to invest $600. I hear this a lot when it comes to networking and masterminding because people feel like it’s not something they have to have inside of their business. 

But I want you to think about this a little differently. Try thinking about it from the perspective of $600 for a quarter is $200 a month. I guarantee every single person reading this has an offer that is more than $200. So technically, if you gain one client from it, you will have made your return on investment. 

I did this all the time. For example, I joined another networking group for a similar price. If I gained one client from it in 6 months, for my package that was around $7,000, I literally have almost made my investment back 5 times. This is why you have to look at it a little bit differently.


Investment does not equal expense.

Most people will view networking or a workshop as an expense.  They feel like they don’t have the money to expense out at that point. This is why that word investment has become so popular in the online space. You really do need to look at it as investing into your business. 

You’re investing $600 in a quarter into being put into a group of people that all serve a very similar audience that are vetted professionals. Likely at some point if you network and collaborate and connect effectively and efficiently, you will gain a client or some level of referral somewhere along the way that will make you more than your initial investment of $600. 


This is the mindset shift you need to make. 

It’s not always immediate. Sometimes, things take time. We are so ingrained in this immediate gratification world. But think about this as a long term investment.  

Change your thinking. Whether it’s hiring a coach or outsourcing. If you outsource something, it might be $500 a month, but if that frees up 10 hours of your time then you can gain a new client. If I’m gaining a new client, that’s $1,500 a month. Well, I’ve invested $500 into my business to free up 10 hours of my time to gain me a client that makes me $1500 so I’m still ahead of the game. 


I want you to look at it differently and change your mindset around investing and ROI. 

You need to figure out what you are going to gain from it. How long will it take you to really gain back your investment on this? Don’t always focus on the money going out. Instead, focus on what is going to come in from this even if it takes some time. 


Here is my own personal example.

I’m about to invest in a mindset coach. It’s a year-long program. But I can’t put a monetary amount on what I’m going to gain from that. But I also know that if I’m not spiraling into imposter syndrome, and I have something that allows me to stay in a high vibe, the chances of me gaining a client, freeing up more time, or growing my alliance are high. There’s a good chance that I’m going to make way more than before I invested into this mindset coach. 


Yes, we overuse the word investment in the online space in my opinion. 

But I really do want you to look at it from a perspective of what you are gaining by making this investment. We’re all in business to gain clients and get fully booked. So look at your packages, look at your offers, look at your services, and really think about it. 

If your package is somewhere in the $2,500 range, making an investment of $600 a quarter into an alliance of people that serve the same audience, that network, and that also have a network of people that also network other places is a no brainer. There is absolutely no way if you network and mastermind and work those collaborations effectively that you cannot make your money back. 

It’s the same thing with outsourcing.  Don’t look at it as an expense. Think about it as the time you’re going to free up. If that gives you time to take on another client, then the amount that you’re putting out is going to be less than the money you’re taking in. 

Try to really focus on that. Make that mindset shift regarding ROI and investments. There’s a whole lot of things that can be considered ROI, not just money. 


The Accelerated Business Alliance is open for applications.

If you feel as though the Accelerated Business Alliance is a good investment into your business, then you can apply at The founding member launch was amazing. Everybody’s doing fabulous. 

I’d love to chat with you about it. It’s a great investment into your business, and it’s a powerful group of people. So if it’s something you’re interested in, let’s chat about it. 

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