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Let’s talk about the big, bad “S” word in business…SALES! I’m here to tell you that you have to stop being afraid of and start getting comfortable with sales. Sales has gotten a bad rep in the online space because when you hear that word you automatically think of it as being spammy. But the truth is sales is not spammy when you are dealing with clients that already know they need you. Let’s break down how you can get more comfortable with sales and actually learn to LOVE it! 


There’s a lot of people out there that have done sales wrong. 

We’ve all experienced the used car salesman sales pitch even in the online space. I just took a workshop, and at the end there was a sales pitch. But I wasn’t offended by it. I knew it was coming. It’s just standard practice anymore. You give a little bit of value, and then they obviously upsell into something else. It’s part of the process. You have to stop being afraid of the sale. 


Sales is not sleazy. 

It is not spammy. Sales is what makes the world go round. You don’t get offended when you go through the Starbucks line and the first thing out of their mouth is, “Hi! Welcome to Starbucks. Can we get you something to eat today?” They’re selling you the second you pull up to that drive thru.  

So why do you feel sleazy when you tell someone what you do, how you can help them, and what the cost is? Think about it! Put yourself in that same exact situation as Starbucks. You’re in line at Starbucks because you want to be there. This is the key piece. Sales is not spammy when you are dealing with clients that already know they need you.

When you pull into the Starbucks line, you already know you’re there to buy something. So you don’t get offended by it because that’s what you’re there to do. You’re there to buy. That’s what you have to remember when you are talking to different prospects. You want to be working with the people that are ready to buy. When people are ready to buy, they expect to be sold too. 

i signed up for that workshop the other day expecting to be sold to some other program. That’s okay. It doesn’t mean I’m going to say yes. But it was her job to educate me. It was her job to prove to me that she was the expert that I needed. And as soon as she proved to me that she was the expert that I needed, then I expected her to tell me how I could work with her. That’s the difference. 


Stop trying to sell to the wrong people.

The reason you’re finding sales to be so hard is because you’re trying to sell to the wrong people. You’re trying to sell to the people that aren’t ready to be sold to and to the people that don’t have the money to invest in you. And you’re trying to sell to the people that really aren’t sure that you’re the person that they need. That’s when sales become hard and sleazy. I want you to just understand that the people that are your ideal clients are expecting to be sold to at some point. 


Sales is what makes the world go round.

It’s what makes us all make money. So you’ve got to get good at it. I want you to just take the emotion out of it. If you think about it, why do car salespeople do so well? Because there is no real emotion to it. They’re not attached to the outcome of it. That’s what they get paid to do. They make a commission on every sale that they get made.

You need to think about it the same way. Selling is your job. This is now your job to sell. So take the emotion out of it. There’s nothing emotional inside of it except for the fact that you are the person that your ideal clients need. You can solve a problem, and it’s up to you to tell them how and what kind of commitment you’re looking for. That’s when the sale happens. 


The same holds true in your content. 

Don’t be afraid to sell on your content. You need to let people know how they can work with you and that they can buy from you. There are people out there that want to buy from you, but you’re not letting them. So stop being afraid of the sale. That’s the key takeaway here. 


I want you to really think about it like sales is your job. 

You are being paid to sell people your offers. If you had a job like at Starbucks, that’s what you would get paid to do. So why don’t you want to do it for yourself? You need to find a way to get good at it. If you want to get fully booked and move your business forward towards growth, you have to get comfortable with sales. Point blank. End of story.

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