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Want to close more sales?  I’ve got the “magic” answer to this question in episode 108. Spoiler alert – SHOW UP WITH MORE CONFIDENCE!! Your confidence is what will make all the difference when it comes to sales.Your prospects and audience want to see that you are confident in your own products, your own services, and your own offers. So how can you achieve the confidence you need to make sales? 


Let’s start with an example.

I had a client the other day who converted somebody that has been on her list for a long time. Anytime one of my clients tell me that they landed a new client, I always celebrate their success, but I always follow up by asking where they came from. I also ask how they converted them. These are two really important questions. There’s a lot of key data in the answers. 

Her response to me was, “I went into this one far more confident than I have in the past.” She knew that she could help her. And she knew that what she was offering was exactly what she needed. So she went into this call far more confident. That makes all the difference. It was also the answer that I was hoping for. 


Confidence goes a whole lot further.

Whether in a sales call or discovery call, confidence matters. You and the rest of the world offer the same promised outcomes. If you were to compare your service with what somebody else in your field offers, there is a good chance that the layout of the program is something similar. So when you come into the call with confidence, you differentiate yourself from the others. 

There is a major difference between going into a call and promising an outcome, and going into a call saying that you KNOW you will deliver certain things, you’ve helped other people before, and you have proven results. People want to see that you’re confident in your own product, service, and/or offers. That’s what sells! 


If you struggle with confidence, try this. 

I want you to go into every single call with the assumption that the sale is already made. It has already been closed. The only thing that you’re coming to this call to do is figure out the logistics. I want you to get yourself in that mindset. 

You need to be in the mindset that says that this is already a done deal. I did a discovery call with a guy that is not an industry I’ve worked in in a long time. He was a local referral. I went into it already expecting him to say yes. So I laid out what my schedule looked like and how working with me started. I told him to let me know when was a good time to get him started. 

You need to go into it with the expectation that they’re already sold. It’s already done. You’ve already closed the deal. All you’re there to do is work out the details, scope of work, what their project entails. 


You can then decide if they are the right fit for you.

So you can ask yourself if this aligns with what you’re trying to do. You can do this because you have a completely different mindset. You’re confident! Then you get to decide if it’s a good fit. These are the things that are so crucial. 


Get away from desperation.

You can go into your call from a place of abundance. It’s not desperation or that feeling of scarcity or lack. It’s confidence. You go into this whole situation so much more empowered. That’s where the magic happens. That feeling of empowerment is the magic that you’re looking for.  It makes all the difference in the world. 


Give confidence a try.

I want you to try it with an upcoming sales call that you have. Then, I want you to tell me all about it in the Facebook group or DM me. Tell me what happens. If you have one coming up and you need a little pep talk, then I want you to DM me with all the details. Tell me how they came to you and what the call is all about. I’m going to give you that little bit of pep talk so that you can go into this with a confident mindset. 

I would be willing to bet if I give you this little pep talk and you go into the call as if the sale is already done, one of two things is going to happen at the end of it. You’re going to have the details and a start date, or you’re going to decide that was not the right fit for you. Either way is a win.

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