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Knowing Enough to Pass a Referral

Knowing Enough to Pass a Referral

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Being able to know enough to pass a referral is crucial in the online world. Lately, there’s a question that I’ve been hearing a lot. “I’m on social media all day long talking about what I do, so WHY are people asking me what I do?” So, I want you to think about all the people you are connected to and interact with in the online world on a regular basis. Out of those people, could you tell me exactly what they do and who they serve off the top of your head as if you were sending them a referral without having to go digging for that answer? 

If you’re scratching your head and unable to answer that question with confidence, I think it’s pretty clear you wouldn’t be able to pass a referral to them. So, I’m going to teach you how you can learn how to pass the referral and make sure that you can pass the referral test too. 


You’re too close to your business.

When this happens, you think you’re being really clear about what you do and how people can work with you. Then, you get annoyed when people don’t convert or when someone asks you what it is exactly that you do. It’s so easy to think to yourself how in the world can someone not know what it is you do because you talk about it all day! I know that’s how I feel. 


Try this exercise. 

I did this exercise with a client of mine who was really feeling discouraged and didn’t understand why people didn’t know what she did. So, I took a look at her Instagram, and I found this life coach that she talks to a lot. They’ve even had a small amount of conversation inside the DMS. 

Then, I asked my client off the top of her head if she could immediately tell me what this life coach does. Could she also tell me who she serves, and if she felt as though she knew her well enough that she could pass a referral to her? Then, she looked at me and realized that she had no idea what this life coach did. If she didn’t know this information about this person, what makes her think that this person knows that same information about her?


When it comes to getting a referral, connecting in the comments and DMs only goes so far.

This is why I really say take the conversation offline. I did a live Coffee Chat inside of my Facebook group. If you missed it, go back and watch it. There’s a reason for it. It’s because of this exact thing. You can think all day long that because you talk to someone all the time that they actually know what you do. 

But the reality is, they probably don’t unless you have taken the conversation offline and outright told them this is what you do. You haven’t actually told them is who you serve, and how people can work with you. Unless you’ve had that conversation, there is a good chance that you likely don’t know what somebody else does and vice versa. How can either of you pass a referral without that information?


Here’s two things that you can do. 

1- Start reaching out and having conversations with people to find out exactly what they do. You can alsoask yourself that question about people you interact with regularly. If you can’t answer the questions about the people that you comment with, then take a good hard look at your content. Ask yourself if they would be able to answer those same questions about you. Do not be afraid to actually ask people if they know exactly what it is you do, who you serve, and how people can work with you. You can even put it out there as a post and let people comment what they think. Then, this will help you lead to the next thing you need to do.

2- Get really clear in your content. I guarantee there’s a little bit of room for improvement. We all have room for improvement. Don’t always just assume that just because you’re out there all the time, that what you are telling people is landing with them. Sometimes people still don’t know what you do. 


Bottom line…you can’t pass a referral if you don’t know this information. 

The same is true for other people when it comes to you. If they are not clear on exactly what it is that you do, they cannot send a referral your way. So, if you’re feeling like you’re doing all those things, and you’re still not getting the referrals or the conversion that you’re looking for, do this exercise. Then start getting really clear in your content and your connections with other people.

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