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It’s story time. 

I was doing a power hour session with a woman whose business had kind of been on hiatus.  She had a program that she created 5 years ago that she still uses every day in her own business, but the branding was outdated. The content was so good, and she wanted to sell it to get things going again. But the fact that it was outdated was holding her back.

The thought of having to go through the program and rebrand was overwhelming to her even though the content was so good. Here was my suggestion to her. Call out the elephant in the room.


Here’s why you should call out the elephant in the room.

I actually have a course called Creating your 6-Figure Action Plan. It is one of my very first courses that I created. It’s so outdated from a brand perspective, but the content is still so good. Who cares what it looks like? So what if the colors are your current branding. If you know that this content can help other people and the content itself is current, relevant, and good, you are doing yourself and potential clients a disservice by holding it back. 


Stop waiting on perfectionism and just call it out the elephant in the room. 

Let people know that it’s a little bit outdated and it might look different from a branding perspective, but it’s still an amazing course/product. Tell them that you still use it every day and that you know that it’s going to help them on their journey. By calling out the elephant in the room, you are letting them know ahead of time so they know what to expect.


No one who matters cares if it’s outdated.

Do you truly realize what a disservice you are doing by holding back information in products and courses in offers that you know are still good because you’re afraid that your brand might look different? NO ONE CARES IF THE FONT IS OUTDATED! If the content is good, stop holding it back.

This is the problem with the online space! We’ve created this idea that everything has to be perfect. Here’s a fact…your ideal, dream clients that really need you now, are there for your content. They’re not there for the visuals. Give them the content!.


Stop holding back on information and call out the elephant in the room.

Put it out there regardless of if it’s outdated from a visual standpoint. You’re doing a disservice to you and your dream clients. Just call out the elephant in the room and go on with it. Don’t even give them an opportunity to even bring it up because you already did. That gives your audience a choice. Do they really care about if the visuals are matching their current brand? Or do they want the amazing content? If they care about the visuals, then move on. 


We put too much pressure on ourselves. 

You can’t be and do all the things. So just call out the elephant in the room. I do it all the time. As a matter of fact, I did this for Destination Fully Booked. It might not be perfect. But the information is solid. 

I launched my beta on my Destination Fully Booked with just a Google doc because I knew that I could help them. But I didn’t have time to communicate with the graphic team to figure out what the worksheets needed to look like. I just needed to get the information out there. Guess what? I didn’t have one person kick back because it wasn’t pretty. They’re too busy being fully booked to worry about the fact that the PDF wasn’t fillable. 


I want to know… 

What are you holding back, and why? I want you to go in on today’s podcast episode in the Fully Booked Solopreneurs and Freelancers Group and share a link of what you need to just put out there. Even if it’s a Google Drive link to something old of yours that you know the content is still good. People need it. Start promoting it. I guarantee you’re sitting on some quick cash by just holding something back because of perfectionism.

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