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Is Overcommitting Affecting Your Consistency?

Is Overcommitting Affecting Your Consistency?

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Is your tendency to overcommit damaging your consistency? To be honest, overcommitting is almost a subconscious act for most of us at this point. You’re over committing to tasks that you don’t enjoy, you’re not good at, and you just don’t have the capacity to take on. So it makes it impossible to stay consistent. Let’s talk about some ways that you can improve your consistency.


But first…an example.

Email marketing is the one thing that usually falls through the cracks for me. I really wanted to commit to getting a newsletter setup.  When my copywriter and I were talking about the strategy for my newsletter, she expressed that she really would love to see me send two emails a month. 

This was when I had to be really honest with her. I had to tell her that I know for a fact that if she is going to rely on me to provide content for her to create these newsletters, that I’m going to drop the ball. That is what has always happened. I commit to this stuff, but then people are relying on me and life just gets busy. 

I don’t necessarily enjoy doing it, and it always falls to the bottom of the list.  If she needed content from me, I could only commit to one newsletter. The only way I could commit to two is if she felt like she could pull content from other places for the second newsletter. 


Overcommitting affects your consistency. 

If I had committed to two newsletters, and she was relying on me, there is no question in my mind, we would have made it two months before I dropped the ball. That’s just the reality of it. I’m just being honest. 


It made me realize that this is a common problem. 

For many of you, your lack of consistency is simply that you’re just over committing. You’re overcommitting to tasks that you don’t enjoy,  you’re not good at, or you just don’t have the capacity to take on. So it makes it impossible to stay consistent with it. 

If you can’t consistently write 5 posts a week, then commit to 3. So if you want to grow, get fully booked, and build your brand awareness, it relies on consistency. The second you over commit yourself to something, that’s when things fall through the cracks. 


Is it really a consistency problem? 

Or is it that you’re overcommitting? It could be a combination of both. It could be that you’re committing to something that you really don’t enjoy doing. If that’s the case, I’m always going to ask you why you feel like you need to do this.  And if the answer is “I think I should”, then I want you to really evaluate whether or not you need to do it. 

You want to do the tasks that you can stay consistent with in order to build your brand authority. I have a new client coming on. Tech and social media are not his forte. It’s a new avenue in his business. I know for a fact that if I give him too many things that he has to do, there is absolutely no way we’re going to get any of them done.


Consistency really falls on not over committing yourself.

Whether that’s over committing yourself to clients, to your contractors, or just yourself in general in your business. That is where your consistency lacks. I want you to ask yourself if your consistency is lacking simply because you’re over committed.

Hop into my Facebook group and let’s talk about it. I want to hear about this one. Where do you feel like you’re lacking consistency? Let’s talk about it. Jump into the Facebook group. Join the conversation.


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