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If you were your own client, would you fire yourself, or would you be thrilled with what you’re doing? This is a legit question I want you to ask yourself. Most of the time – we are our own worst client. So are you doing things in your business that would drive you absolutely crazy if a client was doing them to you? Today, I’m giving you an exercise to help you figure out if YOU are being your own worst client and causing issues within your own business.


Would you fire yourself?

When it comes to our clients, there are certain things that need to be done and if they don’t do those things, we say it’s time to fire them. So I want you to put yourself in your own client’s shoes. I want you to really truly ask yourself this, “If I were my own client, would I find myself right now?” 

My husband and I share an office and he is CONSTANTLY throwing my own advice back at me when I am in the middle of a struggle.  He says, “Michelle – If this were a client you would be saying…”. I hate when he is right. So I really want you to think about that. Reflect back on your past 30-90 days. What have you been struggling with? What would you say to a client if they were struggling with something similar?


The reality is that, ideally, you are your own ideal client.

That’s why you created your business. You felt like there was a struggle. There was a need, and you’ve perfected it. Your personality is usually your ideal client. So I want you to look back 30-90 days, or whatever you feel is worthwhile or convenient for you. Now, I want you to think about if you were your own client, would you be happy with these results? Or would you feel like you want to fire yourself?

You need to figure out what you would want to see differently. What would you want to see done differently in order to feel as though they were getting better results? Fair warning…this can be a very humbling experience. 


Sometimes you have to talk to yourself as if you are your own client.

The other day I was having a conversation where I really felt like this person doesn’t value me for what I’m bringing to the table. I firmly believe people either value you or they don’t. That’s on them, not you. So I had to take my own advice and be my own client for a minute. 

I was getting wrapped up in myself. So then I realized that if this were a client having this conversation with me, I would look at them and say, “That’s all that’s on them. If they don’t value you, too bad. Move on. Get over it. Move on. That’s on them. It’s going to open up a new door for you.” So I had to have this conversation with myself as if I were having it with a client.

It can be extremely powerful in the growth of your business and working towards being fully booked. We never take our own advice. Copywriters that hate writing their own social copy. They’re good at it, but they hate doing it because they do it so much for other people. 


If I were my own client, would I be happy with myself, or would I want to fire myself? 

Because if you’re looking back at your efforts, and you’re thinking, I’m probably going to fire myself, then it’s easy to make a change. Why would you want to fire yourself? What are you doing or not doing? Or what are you doing that would cause you to feel that way? Figure it out. Take Action. Move on and get through it. 


Are you your own worst client? 

Even when it comes to setting boundaries, scheduling your time, scheduling your own admin days, and/or replying to your clients, I want you to look at it to see if you are your own worst client. Take the time to figure out what you need to do to make a change. Then take action.


I have had to fire myself at least 10 times the past couple of years. 

Trust me when I tell you I am my own worst client a lot. So I am forever firing myself. Whether that’s me actually having a conversation with myself in the mirror or it’s my husband saying to me, “You wouldn’t put up with this from another client. Why are you even dealing with this yourself?” So if you are in the same shoes, figure out what you would tell your client to do in this situation. I literally want you to hear yourself and then do what you need to do to just move on and grow.


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