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Normalizing the Struggles of Entrepreneurship

Normalizing the Struggles of Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is not all sunshine, rainbows, and wins! The struggles of entrepreneurship are real, and it’s time to start normalizing them. FACT: If every person in the online space had to do a weekly debrief that covered the good, bad, and the ugly, entrepreneurship wouldn’t look like sunshine and rainbows to the outsider looking in.The thing is we are not programmed to talk about these things. So what can you do so you don’t spiral downward into a mindset of “I’m not good enough” when you hit a rough patch in entrepreneurship?


It’s time to normalize talking about the struggles. 

We all know that entrepreneurship is not all wins, right? At least I hope that you know that. There are tough days. I had a client who had somebody bail at the last minute out of nowhere recently. It didn’t even make sense! But all of a sudden, that person didn’t think it was a good fit for them. When this happens, it’s easy to get sucked into imposter syndrome because it looks like everyone in the online space is killing it. 

But the reality is, the reason it looks like that is because that’s all people are talking about. Nobody’s talking about the bad and the ugly. If every single person in the online space had to actually talk about the good, bad, and ugly, it would not look like roses, unicorns, magic, and winning all the time. 


But that’s what we are programmed to do…not talk about the struggles. 

We are programmed to talk about all the wins and the amazing things. Also, we are programmed to over exaggerate some of the things that we talk about. Someone may talk about landing a new client, but that new client could be a freaking $50 client. You don’t actually know. So don’t get too wrapped up in that. 


Let’s start sharing the struggles of entrepreneurship.

My client was really excited to work with the person who backed out on her. The day before their call, she canceled. My client learned some lessons from it like getting payment and a signed contract before booking a call. That was a huge lesson because the woman canceled because there was no skin in the game. She had not paid the invoice yet. Don’t let people get on your calendar until payment is made. 


There is so much we can learn by sharing these struggles. 

This conversation particularly came up in our mastermind conversation inside of the Alliance. As much as it stung in the moment, after having conversation with the general consensus that somebody probably got in her head, my client had a gameplan of what to do next. When you get those different perspectives, then it’s easier to kind of move on. But if you don’t share about the things that you’re struggling with or share those vulnerabilities, it’s hard to get those other perspectives. Without those other perspectives, you can send yourself spiraling into this world of “I’m not good enough”


Normalize the fact that shit happens. 

Entrepreneurship has some really great weeks. And it has some really low weeks. It’s also a journey and takes time. We’ve all been there. So yes, we want to celebrate the wins. Do you only want to share about your losses or your struggles? No, because obviously people are going to think you are a negative Nelly. 

But there’s a difference between being negative and being vulnerable, and honest and authentic. The key there is not getting wrapped up in the negative, but actually putting it out there to learn, to grow, to get better, and to empower one another. There is a lot that can happen when you can share from a very authentic place in a very vulnerable way that is meant to empower. 


Sometimes we just need to vent and that’s okay. 

What is wrong with that? Why can’t we just put random vents so you can get this off your chest? A lot of times, those types of posts end up doing so well because someone is finally somebody talking about the real side of entrepreneurship. I recently posted about being realistic about your goals. So I got a couple DMS of people thanking me for putting that out there. You would still be spiraling.  


I want to make a commitment to start sharing more of the struggles. 

You should do the same. Use hashtag #normalizethestruggle. I think it’s so powerful because there is so much we can learn. If we didn’t struggle, we wouldn’t learn. So why do we hide that? These are the best opportunities to learn and grow and create the foundational building blocks to your growth, sustainability, and success. 

Yes, let’s celebrate the wins. But let’s normalize the struggle too. I’m not going to ever say that entrepreneurship is not a struggle sometimes. Because like I said, I don’t go into the struggle negatively. Instead, I’m looking at the struggle from a positive perspective to see what I can learn from it. 


So let’s start normalizing the struggles. 

Here’s my challenge to you. The next time you feel like you’ve got something that you’re struggling with, I want you to post about it. Then, I want you to tag me in it and use that hashtag. To be honest, I know there’s going to be so many more people that relate to that, than all the wins. The wins sometimes aren’t always the most relatable thing, but we can all relate to the struggles. So let’s start normalizing them.


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