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Shifting Your Mindset Away from Desperation

Shifting Your Mindset Away from Desperation

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Desperation has no place in your life and business. There is going to come a time in your business when you have to get into a place of forward momentum to keep you from falling into a place of desperation. A place where you’re just constantly moving forward, and you are not attached to the outcome of every single call, proposal, conversation, and every single dollar in your business.

I know that it takes time to get to that place because I’ve been there. I have been in business 5 years and it has taken me a good bit of that 5 years to build a solid retainer based business that I know will pay my bills month after month. So if you are sitting in that feeling of desperation, let’s discuss a few ways you can reframe your mindset and shift away from desperation.


The desperation is real.

We are currently towards the end of Q1, and there seems to be this overarching feeling of desperation in the online space. The constant sales push and follow up seems to be coming across desperate. I’ve had a couple clients who are feeling this way because they haven’t made a sale in X number of weeks. They’re starting to feel desperate. Because of this, they have entered into an “I NEED” mentality.


This feeling of desperation is not beneficial for anyone. 

You have to get to a place where you are staying in a forward momentum. Do not get me wrong. I’ve been there. But when you get to a place where you’re just constantly moving forward, and you are not attached to the outcome of every single call and proposal, it helps to alleviate that feeling of desperation.  

I know that getting to that place takes time. At this moment, I have 4 very large proposals out to prospective clients. Guess what? I have not followed up. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t follow up, but I’ve also just been busy doing other things. I signed a new client and the Alliance is growing. That is what I have been working on. 


Steady income helps alleviate desperation.

But I also have clients on retainer. So I have a steady income because I believe in that. This is where my main issue with project based work comes in.  For example, let’s use VIP days. You do the project for a day or 6 weeks, but then you need that next client because your income relies on those one off projects. But in the retainer or membership business model, you have that solid foundation.

I know every single month what I am going to make, and that I can pay my bills. Obviously, if  somebody doesn’t pay, you can’t guarantee that. But in reality, I have 6 clients on retainer that gives me this guaranteed income, which means I can pay my bills. This is why I am a huge fan of building your retainer base, especially in the beginning. I have been in business for 5 years and will never stop having retainer clients. Because I don’t like to be in that feeling of client acquisition. I don’t like to feel like I don’t know where my next paycheck is coming from. Obviously, as you grow and as you get busier, you get booked out 2-3 months on those projects and desperation lessens. But in the beginning, they are definitely there.


You may not have been in business long enough yet.

If you are feeling that constant feeling of desperation, a lot of it is because you’re still too new in business. Especially if you’ve only been in business for 1-3 years. The turning point is 3-4 years. It takes time to build up brand awareness and authority. 

I want you to understand that I’m at that point where I have 4 proposals open and I’m not really worried about them. Because I know they’ll come in when the time is right. How do I know that? Because in the conversations I had with them, they told me they’re not making a decision until Q4. I know those things. But also I’m in a place where I don’t have to have those clients right this very minute.


It’s okay to have a part time job to keep you out of desperation mode.

If you’ve been following me or you listen to anything that I do, you know that for the first 4 years of my business, I had another job on the side. You have to find a way to get out of that feeling of desperation. I mean face the fact that you cannot do anything positive for your business when you are coming from a place of lack. So you have to find a way to detach from the outcome. 


You do not want to be part of the online space that is in that desperation.

Don’t be the person that is constantly berating people asking if they have made a decision yet and when they want to get started. You want to be in that place of letting people come to you when they’re ready. When you can be in a place of letting people know you’ll be there when they are ready, that takes that pressure off of the client, too. Because now they realize they don’t have a lot of time to make a decision because you’re just moving on. 

When you’re in this constant forward motion and people see you just continuing to move on, it creates a sense of urgency. They realize they don’t have time to be sitting around and deciding whether or not they want to do business with you. When they see you moving on, they also see a different level of professionalism. They see a different level of “success”. 


Keep that forward momentum going to shift away from desperation.

People want to see that you’re just moving on, because the second they feel like you’re desperate for the sale, that’s when they start negotiating. That’s when they start being a pain in the ass. You need to stay in the mindset of “Here’s who I am. Here’s what I do. Here’s how we can work together. If it’s a good fit, great. If it’s not, that’s okay, too. Let me know when you’re ready. And if I have an opening available, I’ll be happy to get you in.” Keeping that forward momentum will help with that place of lack. That will help with that sense of desperation. 

You will also just keep moving forward because you’re focused on forward motion. You’re not focused on going backwards. Be constantly moving forward, having conversations, and sending proposals. You’re doing your thing. And then all of a sudden, it just all comes together. 


The second you can just release the pressure, everything starts coming in. 

It just happens. I’ve seen it time and time again. Sometimes it takes a little longer. But  that’s why I’m saying if you have to go get a part time job or a side gig where you can make a little bit of extra cash, don’t feel bad about it. Because in all honesty, to me, that is doing the responsible thing to actually grow a sustainable business. That means that you are willing to do what it takes to build and get where you need to go without having to be in that place of chasing money and in a state of desperation. It all just works. 


My take on Q1.

I feel like Q1 has been a little slower than normal. A lot of people took December off and there’s been a lot of sickness. So I feel like it’s just taking a little bit longer for the year to get started. So that’s why I think there’s that sense of desperation. It’s just off to a slower start. So it’s feeling desperate, but it’s really not. Don’t don’t fall into that desperation. Because it’s not going to gain you anything at all.


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