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I’m kicking off Q2 by focusing on your R.O.U.T.E to Fully Booked. I have had this framework, and I’m ready to dive deep into it. What would it mean to you to get FULLY BOOKED with DREAM clients in your business? I’m guessing that’s #goals for you. I know it is for me. You need a customized R.O.U.T.E. and I want to share with you HOW you can get there! 

This framework is really going to give you the opportunity to look at your business from a different perspective. It’s going to help you make sure that you’re fully booked with not only dream clients, but fully booked in the amount of hours you want to work and fully booked in only offering the services that you want to offer. So- what does R.O.U.T.E. stand for?


R is for Reflection.

This is pivotal. It’s also something that most entrepreneurs don’t do. They do not take the time to reflect, but it is absolutely key. You have to constantly be in a state of reflection to understand what’s working, what’s not working, and where you want to go in your business. 


O is for Organization. 

We all know that when you’re a business owner, you have data coming at you from all sides. This step is about organizing all of that data so that you can make educated decisions moving forward. It’s about being able to actually organize your business and put a structure in place that fits your definition of fully booked. 


U is for uplevel.

This step is about upleveling your offers, who you’re speaking to, and your pricing. A lot of times, it’s all about the next level. That’s why I say this framework is something that you can apply at every level of business. When you hit a certain point, you uplevel again. This step is all about upleveling your services, your packages, how you present and position them, and your price. It’s also simplifying your offers.


T is for Target Market. 

I know this seems backward. Most coaches or programs teach you to identify your target market first. I want you to attract the dream client that fits with these uplevel packages. You’re no longer speaking to everybody and trying to serve everybody. This is no longer outward-facing. It’s inward-facing and about getting comfortable saying, “Here’s who I am. This is what I do. Here’s how I best show up. This is how I best serve.” And then finding those target clients that align with that. 

That is what creates a dream client. Those are the clients that you want to work with because those are the ones that can value you for everything you bring to the table. They are 100% in alignment with you. That is what allows you to build a fully booked business with these target and dream clients. 


E is for Execute. 

Listen to me…YOU HAVE TO EXECUTE. Having all the best-laid plans is great, but you have to execute them.  Execution is something that you continually do. You don’t execute once or twice and then give up. Execution is something you do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. 

It looks different depending on where you’re at in your business. You can maybe execute on one offer versus the other. It might be going between launch mode and evergreen mode. There are different levels of execution. But you really want to be in a constant state of execution. You are here to show your audience that you are the person that they need. 


I wanted to create an easy framework.

One that entrepreneurs/solopreneurs could easily duplicate. That’s what this is all about. Once you learn this framework, you can apply it to every stage of growth in your business. Every time you’re at that pivotal turning point of what’s next, you can go back through this framework and easily apply it to your business. 


You have to go through R.O.U.T.E. to Fully Booked in order. 

You cannot go through and just pick one piece of it or go out of order. It’s designed to go in order for a reason. Each step plays a role in the next step. So if you skip it, then you’re jumping ahead to step 10 when you don’t have that foundational base. 


We’ll be taking a deeper look at each step in the R.O.U.T.E. to Fully Booked.

So don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast or just keep coming back here to read all about them. Make sure that you come back twice a week. There are going to be some key points. Make sure you bring your pen and your paper ready to take notes. 

I promise you if you get through this framework, and you follow it, it will get you fully booked with those dream clients. You’ll be hitting your goals every single month. No more highs and lows. Just a consistent revenue stream that continues to grow over and over and over.


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