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What is the ONE THING most people skip over when it comes to getting FULLY BOOKED in their business? The answer is…REFLECTION! This is exactly why it’s the FIRST step in my R.O.U.T.E. to Fully Booked. Let’s take a deep dive into reflection and why it is a pivotal piece of your business. 


Reflection is all about looking back. 

It could be looking back to yesterday, last month, last week, last quarter, or last year. You could be doing this at the end of every single week. There is something you can do to make sure you are properly reflecting on your business.


Schedule time for reflection.

You don’t have to do it every day, but I really encourage you to do it at least once a month. Schedule time into your calendar to do reflection.  There is so much information you can uncover when you actually take the time to do it, but most people just keep moving forward.  But to help you move forward in the most efficient route, you need to reflect.

You’re really looking at what worked and what did not work. What things did you do that went really well, and what things did not go as planned? Use this time to figure out what you loved and didn’t love. It’s okay to admit there are certain things in your business that you’re just not loving. 


Key areas for reflection.

There are 4 key areas that you really want to reflect on. You should focus on financial and revenue, your services and your business model, your clients, and marketing/lead generation. Let’s go over these a little more in-depth. 


Financial reflection.

When you are looking back at your financial revenue, you need to look for what’s working, and what’s not working. Where are you at vs. where are you trying to go? Are you gaining momentum every month? Is your financial revenue increasing, or is it staying the same? These are all things to consider when reflecting on your finances.


Reflecting on your services and business model.

Are there services that you’re offering that you don’t love? What do you love? Do you have a business model in place, or are you just going through the motions and everything is all over the place? 


Reflecting on your clients.

This is a big one that’s going to play a huge role in the next steps. What is it about certain clients that you love, or don’t love? Are there certain niches you like to work in? Do you have enough clients? How many more clients can you take on? 


Marketing/Lead generation reflection.

What areas of marketing and lead generation are you loving, or not loving? What’s actually working, and what’s not working? You also need to remember that just because something is working, it could also fall in the category of do not love. That’s why reflection is so important.

Maybe there is something that’s working really well, but you absolutely hate it. If you absolutely hate it, then the chances of you being able to sustain it for a long time are slim to none. Because most of the time you’re going to end up in burnout. If there is something that you don’t love, then you have to figure out the next step. It could be outsourcing, or finding a different way to do things.  


Recapping reflection.

You need to regularly reflect on your finances, your services and business model, your clients, and your marketing/lead generation. Try making lists that you can take a look at and really start to reflect on these 4 key areas. 

Your key action item here is that I want you to schedule time into your schedule for reflection. It can be monthly, weekly, or quarterly. Just take the time and reflect. That is the most important thing here.


Want to take a deeper dive?

You can check out my R.O.U.T.E to Fully Booked program. I have a masterclass coming up on April 20 as well. We’re going to dive a little bit deeper into each one of these.  


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