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R.O.U.T.E to Fully Booked: Organize

R.O.U.T.E to Fully Booked: Organize

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When you’re a biz owner, it’s almost guaranteed that you are going to have a high amount of data that is critical to the success of your business. I know…data can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially where there is a lot of it. But when you can ORGANIZE this data, it will give you so much insight into your business that is necessary for its survival. Let’s take a look at the 2nd step of the R.O.U.T.E. to Fully Booked Framework and discuss some of the key areas of data that you need to organize.


Organize your market data. 

What is the market telling you that they want vs. what they need? There’s a big difference between these two things. So one of the things you want to do is look back at conversations you have had and see what people are saying that they want. Then also look back at what you know they need. Organizing your market data will give you a better idea of what your audience is looking for.


Organize your time. 

This is not about time management. Read that again. It’s actually about looking at your schedule from how much time you have available vs how much time you want to work.  This will help you in organizing the structure of your days.  

Here’s an example. So I don’t have any children.  As a result, I have hours available to work all throughout the week and weekend. But I don’t want to work all of them. I want to work Monday through Thursday 9-4. That’s a big difference compared to how many I have available. 

I want you to be honest with this. I know that some of you have children or other obligations. That’s okay. Just be honest. This is why this step is so important. One of the things that I see all the time is that you’re not being honest with yourself. I want you to really truly look at your kids’ schedules, your family schedule, and your personal schedule so you can see truly how much time you have available.  


Organize your financial goals. 

Can you hit your financial goals in the number of hours you have available? This is where I see a huge disconnect. You need to look at what you currently have, what you currently offer, and how many hours it takes you to execute on each one of those offers. Is it in alignment with the hours you have available? You might be thinking you only need to take on 3 new clients to hit your goals, but do you have the hours available to actually be able to take on those clients? 

Another big area where I see a disconnect is that people don’t take the time to actually track their time. Do you know how many hours it takes you per client and where you are spending your time? Here’s an action tip… go through your calendar and see where you are spending your time from a client perspective, an admin perspective, and a marketing perspective.  


Organization is crucial to your success.

If you aren’t taking the time to organize these three areas of your business, you will never know what fully booked even looks like for you. Make it a point to organize these three key areas. Understand what your data is telling you.


Want to dive a little bit deeper?

On April 20th, I’m having a masterclass. This is just an overview. Don’t forget to take notes. You have enough to take action with right now. Go register for this free masterclass. I’ll see you there.


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