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We have made it to the 5th and final step in the R.O.U.T.E. Framework. It is a fact that you cannot get fully booked if you do NOT EXECUTE! In order to execute properly, there are 3 main areas that you need to focus on. Let’s discuss how to execute.


This is not an “execute one and done” scenario. 

This step is about being in a constant state of execution. Then, you need to reflect back on your execution. That’s why I say reflection is so important! You’re going to constantly want to be going through these 5 steps. Not to change up everything, but just to constantly make sure that you’re staying in alignment with yourself as new data comes in. 


To execute, you must have brand awareness.

You need to get known as THE expert in your industry. So how are you positioning yourself as the expert?  Also, how are you maintaining that authority so that people know that you are the person they need? That is brand awareness. 

When you execute, you want to maintain visibility. Visibility is about really creating that level of authority and getting known as the expert. So what is your strategy for that? You have to think about that when you’re executing. 


Lead generation and marketing.

What are you doing for lead generation? How are you finding new people? Who are you talking to? Where’s your audience? How are you creating a community of people that you’re then building that authority with? There are so many ways you could do lead generation. It could be social media, email, Pinterest, podcasting, YouTube, video, or literally anything you want to do. A big lead generator for me is coffee chats.  So what does your lead generation strategy going to look like? 



So you built brand authority, and everybody knows you as the expert. You’ve got a great lead generation strategy. But now you have to convert it all into clients. In order to be fully booked, you have to focus on conversion and sales. 

Conversion is the area that most people don’t want to focus on. So when you’re looking at your execution strategy, you need to understand what it looks like for conversion. Is it discovery calls, or through a sales page or a funnel? What is your strategy for conversion and follow-up? You have to have a sales and conversion strategy inside of your execution strategy. 


How will you execute your strategy?

If you’ve done this framework in order, you have the information you need to help you execute. You’ve done the reflection and know what’s working and what’s not working. And you know what areas of these things you love and what you don’t love. You’ve organized your market research in the data that proves where your clients are coming from.  If you’ve organized the data on what converts the best, you can execute and double down on it. 


Ready to dive deeper?

Don’t miss out on the masterclass on April 20th. It’s going to be amazing! We are really going to dive a lot deeper into this step. We’re even going to look at the execution of all your different offers. Get registered and I’ll see you there.


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