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The Fine Line Between Fully Booked and Overbooked

The Fine Line Between Fully Booked and Overbooked

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It’s a fact that getting too many referrals can be a hindrance. I know, I know…that’s probably a thought that’s contrary to everything you’ve ever known about the online space, but hear me out. Getting too many referrals can lead to getting overbooked because we all have a hard time saying “no”. 

There’s a very fine line between fully booked and overbooked. 

It’s up to you to be able to recognize it. Being overbooked leads to burnout and dropping the ball, and that’s the last thing you want in your business. So, how can you establish the line between fully booked and overbooked in your business?


Understand what it means to you to be fully booked vs. overbooked. 

Many of you say fully booked means that you have a waitlist. But let me ask you this…how many clients do you need to have before you’re on a waitlist? Fully booked for me means having a consistent flow of income and clients. I ask this question to everybody that joins my Facebook group. I can tell you there are very few people that say to me that fully booked means having clients on a retainer package. 

There are very few of you that can tell me exactly how many clients it takes to get you to fully booked. This means a lot of you end up overbooked. When you are overbooked, that is when you end up in burnout, dropping the ball, and in a place of stress. 

You have to find that fine line between fully booked and overbooked. Figure out how many clients it takes you to be full capacity while still maintaining the balance of personal life that you want to maintain. If that’s three clients and you have an influx of six coming in, that’s when you say you have to put them on a waitlist. 


This is why I’m a huge fan of working with clients on retainer.

You can very easily see what your capacity is. This is why I am a huge fan of making sure you have 3 core offers so that you’re not doing custom proposals. It’s very hard to figure out where you’re at when you’re doing custom proposals for everybody because you don’t really understand the scope of work. You don’t know what it’s going to take you to continue that you don’t know what it’s going to take for you to fulfill that order. And so that becomes a very difficult place.


Overbooked is not a badge of honor. 

It is not a badge of honor to be wearing that. If somebody really wants to work with you, they will wait. Most of the time, a client’s sense of urgency is because of their lack of planning. You want to work with your dream clients, not just paying clients. Somebody that comes to you with a sense of urgency from their lack of planning is not a dream client. If they can’t wait, that’s not your problem. Do not overbook yourself because of somebody else’s lack of planning.


Being overbooked leads to your dream clients getting hurt.

They are the ones that fall to the bottom of the list because you’ve got somebody in your ear constantly needing you. This could be a very quick snowball effect. They get mad and end up leaving. So be very careful about this. Find the line between fully booked and overbooked. 


If you do not know what it means to be fully booked… 

Then, you and I need to have a conversation. We need to work together. You need to go through my R.O.U.T.E to Fully Booked Program. Knowing what fully booked looks like for you is crucial. You cannot build a sustainable business and grow it if you don’t know what fully booked looks like. 


You can’t just pick some pie in the sky number, either. 

There is a calculated formula that will tell you how many clients you need to make this amount of money, in this amount of hours, and then make sure your packages fall in line with that. When any of this is out of alignment, you will end up overbooked. That is why you end up stressed out, working 80 hours a week, and never seeing your family.


Don’t put yourself in that position to drop the ball because you are overbooked.

Just don’t do it. Do not be afraid to put people on a waitlist or say no. I promise you this…your business, your clients, and your prospects will thank you for maintaining that level of professionalism and integrity. 


So what does fully booked look like for you? 

I want to know! Don’t tell me it’s having a waitlist. Jump in the FB group and let me know, or let’s start talking about this on LinkedIn. Let’s have the conversation.

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