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When it comes to sales…STOP giving your clients an out. You have got to stop offering things that clients truly need as an OPTIONAL add-on. Here’s a fact…if you give someone a chance to opt-out, then 90% of the time they are going to. It’s just human nature. This is exactly WHY you cannot piecemeal your sales process together one small step at a time. Instead of offering someone something as an optional add-on…BUNDLE IT ALL TOGETHER AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE SALES PROCESS AND SELL ONCE. Let’s talk about why you should stop giving your clients an out.


Let’s start with an example of an out.

I worked with a client who does ballroom dancing. They were getting a lot of wedding couples coming in wanting to learn their wedding dance. Then, once their wedding comes and goes, they don’t come back. My client was trying to figure out how they could retain them. 

So they would teach them their wedding dance. Then the customer would go on their honeymoon. Then, once they got back, my client would offer them lessons. As newlyweds, dancing is an amazing thing to do. There’s so much romance and connection with it. It’s such a powerful way to start a marriage. What they didn’t realize is that they were giving those customers an out.

Waiting to offer lessons after the honeymoon gave their customers an out. They had moved on. Weddings are expensive. They’ve gone on their honeymoon. So if you wait until afterward, they’re going to give you the excuse of money or time. So why not just bundle it in as part of your wedding package? My client needed to include the lessons after the honeymoon in the wedding package. This is a prime example of selling it once. Sell them when they’re ready to buy. 


Another example of giving an out.

A member of the ABA was talking about teaching people this certain framework to for growth and marketing. But after the fact, she sees that a lot of people struggle to actually execute and implement. A lot of people need that accountability. Best laid plans are great, but the execution piece is where they fall flat. 

So she was selling them a package, then once they completed that she was offering them an accountability package. The idea of selling once applies here too. Why not just include it if people are telling you that one of their biggest struggles is execution and staying accountable? 


Stand in your authority and stop giving options.

This is about knowing what the clients need to get the best result, and then bundling it all in. Don’t even give them the option. It opens up too many opportunities for them to change their mind or opt-out. The second you give them the option to opt-out, 90% of the time they will opt out. It’s just human nature. 

I don’t mean that in a negative way. But think about your own buying habits. We’ve all been there. So much can change in such a short time. Why not just get them while they’re there? It changes your whole sales conversation. It shows you are standing in your authority because YOU KNOW what they NEED! STOP MAKING THINGS OPTIONAL IF YOU KNOW THAT’S WHAT YOUR CLIENT NEEDS TO GET THE BEST RESULTS!


This is not a slimy sales tactic by any means. 

This is you delivering to the client what is going to get them the best result and also catching them when they have their credit card ready. We’ve all been there. The second we have an out, we don’t come back to it. It could be unintentional, but we do it. It’s just human nature. 

So figure out what that looks like for you in your business. If you know what your client needs, don’t even give them the option. Just make it a part of your package. How can you bundle things together in your business to stop giving your clients an out? 

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