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If your ”I help” statement involves the words “six figures” in it, then I’m probably NOT going to be the only one NOT doing business with you. Stop with the “six figures” bullshit already. Unless you only work with people who can confirm that they make “six figures” by providing financial statements, stop with the verbal propaganda. Here’s why it’s time to retire the “six figures” statements. 


“Six figures” is overused.

I’m so sick of it. It’s so fucking overused. Excuse my mouth, but it’s so ridiculously overused. Everybody and their freaking brother put it in their ”I help” statement.  Most people that actually put it in their “I help” statement, don’t even work with six-figure entrepreneurs. People use it like it’s going to attract a better audience. But in reality, a lot of times, it actually could be polarizing you from your ideal clients. 


Here is something I want to know…

What do you honestly think the chances are that somebody who says ”I help six-figure entrepreneurs” asks for a financial statement to prove six-figure status before actually working with someone? Who in their right mind freaking does that? They don’t. So why don’t we put it in there? 

Do you honestly think it’s going to attract a better quality person? No, it’s not!  Because guess what? Some of these people who make six figures are still broke as hell because they’re spending more than they’re making. You have to factor in expenses and time frames of programs. 


I’m not telling you that I don’t want people hitting six figures. 

By all means, we absolutely should be fighting and working towards those numbers if that is how you define success. But what I don’t understand is why it matters if you’re not verifying this income and if you have a package that can serve people regardless of where they’re at. Why does it matter?


It is not on me to make that finite financial decision for anybody. 

If somebody wants to work with me, and they have the money to invest with me, then that’s their decision, not mine. I don’t want anybody asking me how much money I make because it’s not their business. It doesn’t matter. If I’m coming to you, and I know what your pricing is, what difference does it make? 


Instead of focusing on if someone makes “six figures”…

Why not just focus on exactly how you help them and the results that you provide? Or how about you focus on making sure your personalities are in alignment? Why not focus on attracting the people who you know you can best serve? Those are the things that are more important to me because I don’t really give a shit how much money you make. 

I have a client who literally is making around $250k-$300k right now. And I have another client who got divorced and is starting from scratch, but he had the money to invest in me. And now he’s killing it. He’s hitting his goals every single month. I have another client who is starting out fairly new. She’s been only at it for a year. Again, it doesn’t matter because I’m helping them all in different ways. And we’re scaling and growing. 


There are very few services out there that truly require that “six figures” number. 

The reality is, that’s gross income. That is not profit. So just because somebody is making six figures, doesn’t mean they are profiting six figures. If they’re paying $2,000 a month to an OEM, and they’re paying another $2,000 a month to a VA, and then they’re paying another $2,000 a month in software, then they are only profiting around $2,000 at the end. Times that by 12 and that is $24,000 for the year. 


“Six figures” is costing you so many clients.

Because a good majority of entrepreneurs don’t hit six figures until several years into the business. It is not the easiest thing in the world to do. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do. But it’s not like it just magically happens. So stop doing it. I’m over it. Your “I help people who make six figures” statement is going to drive me and most people away. I’m going to find the person that wants to help me for who I am not how much money I’m making.


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