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We all know that business is built on referrals, loyalty, and people knowing, liking, and trusting us.  BUT when it comes to truly promoting others, most of us don’t do it. I’m guilty of this, too. The thing is…it’s not intentional. Let’s talk about a few things that come into play when it comes to promoting others. 


The mindset of lack can keep you from promoting others.

When it comes to giving referrals, people sometimes operate from a place of lack. They feel like if they promote you, then people aren’t going to do business with them. Basically, they think if they promote someone else, people are going to invest in that, and then they’re not going to have money to work with them.

To some extent, it may or may not be true. Sometimes people can only invest in one person. Because of that, we don’t necessarily promote somebody else, especially if we have something coming up that we want people to invest in. This is human nature, and it’s just business. Of course, we’re going to promote our own stuff first. 


Promoting others requires time.

There is only so much time and only so many places where you can put out content. I schedule all my content in advance. So if a podcast comes out, and I’ve already got my content scheduled, where am I supposed to fit it in? Then, when you try to promote it, it doesn’t really get the reach you had hoped for. I don’t want to put something out there knowing that it’s not going to hit the right people. So there are only so many things that you can put out there. 


Promoting others can lead to confusion.

You also don’t want to confuse your audience. You don’t want to get into this place of promoting a million different things, leaving your audience wondering what you are actually doing. So don’t take it so personally if someone doesn’t promote you.


There are ways that you can promote others.

If you see somebody asking for a recommendation, comment on the post and tell them who you recommend and why they’re such a good fit. Don’t just tag somebody. Take the time to tell them why you are giving them that recommendation. 

Another way you can promote others is by putting their resources at the end of your email newsletters. Maybe one day a week, you can promote somebody else on your social media channels. If you plan ahead you can actually schedule that in. I know for a fact I could leave one day a week open and fill it. 


Find a way that you can promote others.

It does not tear you down.  In a lot of ways, it actually makes you look better to your clients. Because you’re not just only promoting yourself, they can see that you value the expertise of others. They can see that you are a connector of people and that you’re not just in it for yourself. But I do understand why it can be difficult for people to promote others. 


When you start promoting others, they start promoting you. 

Granted, it’s not always going to happen. I get reminded of this all the time. If you choose to promote somebody else, do not do it with the expectation that they’re going to reciprocate. I mean…If they do, that’s wonderful. It’s a bonus. But again, you need to do this out of the kindness in your heart. There’s power in that. 


Here is a challenge to help you start promoting others. 

I want you to reach out to a couple of people and ask if they have anything coming up this week that you can promote for them. Offer to make some introductions for them if they have openings in their business. Promote their masterclass or a podcast episode they have coming up. These things are value-added to your audience.  Reach out and take action.


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