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Are you leaving too much room for interpretation and assumptions in the way you are currently marketing your packages and offers? If you are currently saying something to the effect of, “If you’re struggling with your marketing, my offer is for you…”, then you probably are. You need to be getting specific in and about your business.


Your success depends on you getting specific.

Listen to me when I tell you that you have to get specific by letting people know how they can work with you, what it looks like, and who your offer is the best fit for. If you have a Power Hour, then don’t just say that you’ve got 4 spots available for it. That’s all well and good, but you’re, you’re assuming people understand what they’re going to gain in a power hour session.

You’re assuming that people make that correlation as to what they’re struggling with, and how you can serve them. Instead, get more specific. Talk about the things that you can cover in that power hour. 

I know so many of you will say I don’t want to get too specific because I really can help them do anything. And that’s fine. But bring up certain topics that you can go over. What are some of the areas that you can serve people in? I don’t want you to get too detailed in all the deliverables, though. You really want to speak about what are they going to gain from working with you. 


Start getting specific about how people can work with you.

Don’t just assume people know how they can work with you. I see it all the time in content, “DM me, I’ve got two spots available.” Most of the time, people don’t know how they can work with you or what your packages even look like. You are making the assumption that they do. It might be on your website. But here’s a newsflash for you…a lot of social media platforms don’t want people bouncing from the social platform to a website. 

So put the information out there in your content. There are a lot of people that do this on LinkedIn that I see. They tell people the ways that they can work together. Sometimes it’s like the done-for-you services. Others it’s done with you. Regardless, they are specifically telling their ideal client how they can work with them.


Don’t leave room for interpretation. 

The second you leave room for interpretation, people get confused. They don’t understand, and they move on. But if somebody says that they have 3 spots available for a Power Hour. Here’s what it does and doesn’t cover. This is who it’s for, and here’s who it’s not for. It is so much more effective. 

You have to be as specific as possible. You need to get really specific about the things that are keeping your ideal clients up at night. What are the things that they’re struggling with? The more specific you can be, the less room for interpretation and assumption there is. So ask questions. Get curious. 


Make it easy for someone to work with you.

Don’t make it so difficult. I just recently booked a power hour with somebody for Tiktok. It was very clear what we would cover during the Power Hour.  Get specific and give your clients a clear understanding of what they should be gaining at the end of working with you. The second people don’t know what to expect they’re out. So the clearer you can be, and the more specific you can be…the better your conversion will be.

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