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Do you truly understand what it means to collaborate with someone in business? Truthfully…most people don’t. Collaboration in business can come in many different forms, and it doesn’t always have to be free. Yep, you heard that right. In my opinion, both parties in the collaboration need to have some skin in the game. 


Do people really even understand what it means to collaborate? 

There are many ways you can collaborate with others. Collaboration can be really powerful, but I think a lot of people just don’t truly understand it. Most people think it has to involve money, and it really doesn’t. But it also doesn’t always have to be free.


My personal example of collaboration.

I do a show called “The No Bullshit Business” with Nick McGraw.  That’s a collaboration.  It is a joint LIVE show that we’re doing. This collaboration began because Nick had been following my content and appreciated it. I don’t even know how he found me on LinkedIn. But he reached out to me and asked me if I wouldn’t be a guest on his podcast. So I did. 

Then, we started talking and realized we see things the same way when it comes to business. We just had the same energy, and our personalities were a great fit together. I told him I would love to do something collaborative with him. This is how our collaboration was born. But your collaboration doesn’t have to be a show or something you commit to weekly. It can just be something even that you do once like a podcast interview or guest blog. 


Collaborations can also be paid collaborations.

For example, my 6-month coaching program includes the use of other professionals up to a certain level. Around 90% of the time, when I’m working with a client, we’re coming up with a new offer. So they’re usually writing their own landing page, sales page, etc. So one of my favorite collaboration opportunities is I bring in a copywriter. I pay her for her time. She does an audit at a discounted rate for me. 

This is a service that I pay for. I don’t expect the client to pay. So I pay it out of the money that they’re currently paying me, and I just bring her in. It’s an amazing collaboration because she now has access to a client that she would not have probably met. My client also now has access to the copywriter. They get to understand what it’s like to work with a copywriter. It’s an excellent opportunity for me because it’s a win-win. 

You can do this type of collaboration with different types of people. Think about the other people that your clients may need. I know for like a web designer, one of the collaboration opportunities could be with a copywriter or graphic designer. It could be with a social media strategist or marketing strategist. There’s so much room for collaboration! 


But the thing is, it doesn’t have to cost you money.

It also doesn’t have to be free. Build it into your price. When I pay the copywriter, I can absorb that because I’ve built that cost into my price. It’s expected. Sometimes I use more than one audit. Other times, I don’t. Sometimes I bring in more than one expert, and others I don’t. have the money set aside to do these things. 


Another collaboration could be a joint offer. 

Nick and I created one offer where they can work with both of us. They pay one fee, and they get both people. This is a win-win for the clients. Collaborating is such a win for the client, and for you. You’re gaining access to the other person’s network. They’re gaining access to your network. The client is gaining access to a professional that they might not have known.


But not all collaboration opportunities are a win-win.

That’s why I say don’t make it free. You want to have skin in the game on both sides. That’s where it really is powerful. Unless you’re doing something like a podcast interview, it doesn’t need to be free. So I challenge you to think of a way you can create a collaboration in your business.


Connect, collaborate, and conquer.

Inside the Accelerated Business Alliance, we do this all the time. The motto is “Connect, collaborate, and conquer”. That’s the way I feel about it. Let’s make those connections, collaborate, and make a bigger impact so we can conquer the world. Collaboration is the key to conquering. You have to be open to it. If you’re not really sure how you could collaborate in your business, reach out to me. I’d be happy to brainstorm some ideas for you.


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