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No Bullsh!t Business: Hustle vs. Anti-Hustle- Recast

No Bullsh!t Business: Hustle vs. Anti-Hustle- Recast

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We all know there is a cosmic war in the online space between the hustle culture and the anti-hustle culture. There are some people who believe that hustling and working harder than anyone else is the only way to get ahead, and others believe that the anti-hustle culture should be the way of life. Nick McGraw and I took on this subject recently on our No Bullsh!t Business Show on LinkedIn Live. Interestingly enough, he and I have different thoughts when it comes to hustle vs. anti-hustle.


Nick’s view.

Coming off of a rocky Q1, Nick believes there are two different choices you can make regarding whether or not you want to hustle. It all depends if you trust your process and you want to stay the course or if you feel like you have to do something a little different and make a course correction. The hustle and grind mindset is more of the one that he subscribes to and something that his coach has instilled in him. He believes when things get hard, you just work harder. You outwork the other people. He doesn’t believe you need to lose sleep over it at night. But you should work hard.


My view.

I think it’s really about finding the balance between that anti-hustle and that hustle. And I definitely tend to lean towards the anti-hustle. My dream workweek is 9-4, Monday through Thursday, and take Friday through Sunday off. I know that if I push too hard, I am going to burn out. 

I agree that we have to do what we have to do. Yes, we need to make money and try to find a sale. But I ask myself, “Is it going to lead to a place of burnout?” Will the push lead to a place of further defeat and discouragement in general? This is why I believe in trying to find that balance between push AKA hustle but also finding time to take a step back AKA anti-hustle. We have to be able to realize when it is time to just let our efforts continue to build and grow on their own. 

I think about it like plants. You can’t water a plant every single day and expect it to grow. In fact, if you do that, it will die. At some point, you have to just give it time to grow. So concerning the anti-hustle, I think it could be a time to just water your business and let it grow. Let it nurture itself and go from there. 


Too much hustle can lead to burnout.

Nick says that he is cognizant of the fact that burnout happens. It happened to him twice last year. One was full-blown and the other was like half burnout. He says a definition of burnout is not just that you’re tired. Burnout is also when you fall out of love with what you’re doing. You’re completely disenchanted. And he doesn’t want to go through that again. 

So he agrees that there is something to say about overworking. There is something real about not listening to yourself, your body, and your mind. But when it comes to meeting a weekly financial goal, sometimes he believes you have to do everything that it takes to make it happen. But that also doesn’t happen every day. Nick believes there’s something to be said about outworking the pack. 


How can you hustle during the hours that you are available?

My ideal schedule is 9-4. During 9-4, I hustle. I am constantly on LinkedIn and making new connections every single day. On average, I do 17 to 25 calls a week. So by Friday, I’m spent. There’s no more brainpower there. So to me, that’s not anti-hustle. That means I’ve hustled my ass off Monday through Thursday. 

You also have to be self-aware of what you are really doing. Are you moving in forward momentum? Or are you stuck? To be successful, you have to keep moving forward. So many people misinterpret hustle to be up at 5:30 am, reading 25 pages, and doing all the things all the time. So just because I’m not doing things like that doesn’t mean I’m not hustling. I hustle between the hours that I am available.


You can’t out-hustle the wrong people. 

Trying to out-hustle the wrong people is what led to my burnout in September 2020. The wrong people are always going to be the wrong people. So you need to be able to take that time to really look at it and reflect on what causes burnout for you. I’m a big fan of reflection. It is a constant state of being self-aware. In my opinion, that’s where the balance comes.


You are your business.

Nobody’s gonna grow it for you, especially when you’re a personal brand. It’s you. I don’t care what anybody says. Your business is nothing without you. So you have to find the balance of embodying the fact that you are your business and it can’t grow itself and not being so wrapped up in it that you burn out. So what can you commit to and stay consistent with? You can hustle three days a week and still maintain a lot of consistency and find that balance. 


I always say to put yourself in vacation hustle mode.  

This is something you can do to still hustle, but also allow time to rest. You can get so much done when you are super focused for a certain amount of time. But the problem is you always feel like you can just do something tomorrow. But if you’re going on vacation, then you can’t.  You have to find a way to enable your vacation mode hustle so that when Thursday at 4 pm rolls around, you have wrapped up everything you needed to do for the week. Hustle when you need to hustle and then go enjoy your time off.


Slowing down can actually increase your hustle. 

I always find that when I slow down, take some time, turn my phone off, and go do things, all of a sudden, my brain is firing on all cylinders. That is always a constant reminder to me that being on all the time sometimes can be a little stifling. It’s also a great example of why you need to give your brain time to decompress and rest. It leads to ideas that can fuel your forward momentum. 


The bottom line is you have to know what hustle versus anti-hustle means to you. 

You are the only one who can determine what works for you. So you may be like Nick and believe in being on all the time and staying in a forward momentum while also engaging in self-care. Or you might be like me and believe in hustling between certain hours and finding balance and time to rest. Whichever side of the argument you fall on, make sure you are doing what you need to do to avoid burnout.


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