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When it comes to doing business in the online space, we all have that ONE person who just REALLY gets under our skin. You know what I’m talking about. The one “influencer” who literally makes your blood boil just by the mere mention of their name who doesn’t actually deliver results or doesn’t stand in integrity the way you do. And while it would be SO EASY to call them out and put them on blast, I’m here to be the voice of reason…DON’T DO IT!


The influencer who makes my skin crawl…

I have one person that immediately pops into my head. Her program is ridiculously expensive. She makes people sign an NDA that basically says you will never say anything negative about the program, or she can sue you. I mean she literally steals money from people because I think less than 1% of people actually gain anything from her program. But she knows that because she actually put a legal agreement in place. 

I could go on and on about how awful it is and even call her out. But the reality is, it doesn’t matter. What does that do for me? Am I actually sharing with my ideal client what I can do for them? No! All it makes me do is look bad. When it comes to these influencers who make your skin crawl, you need to shut off the noise, block their name, and do whatever you have to do, but get away from it. 


Let this influencer drive your content.

Use it to your advantage sometimes. That’s great content. It’s not content that bashes that influencer. But it’s content that fuels your program. It allows you to talk about the transformation you do give and the integrity you have. Going on and on about somebody else is only going to draw attention to them. It doesn’t make you look any better. 

I know it’s tough. Trust me when I tell you I know it’s tough. During the first couple of years of my business. I was so constantly just wanting to bash these influencers who run programs that don’t get anybody results. But doing that doesn’t gain you anything. 


If they are drawn to a certain influencer, they probably aren’t your ideal client.

Do you really want that client that is looking for those quick wins or those easy promises? How about the client the falls for the bro marketing? Do you want to work with them?  Are they your ideal client? No! Are you going to work well together? Probably not!  

You need to just stand in your own integrity, stand in your own authenticity, and just focus on yourself. Put content out there that attracts the people that you want to work with. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged into being petty because all it does is distract you. It wastes your time. 

So in all the time you spend worrying about them, looking into their programs, and wasting your time researching what they’re doing so you can duplicate their programs, all you’re doing is fueling their fire because all the while they’re still promoting. They’re still out there actively getting clients, doing all the things while you’re sitting behind the scenes trying to figure out what the hell they’re doing. Screw that! Just fucking do what you do and stop with this bullshit of trying to figure out and copy what everybody else is doing. 


Every single industry has that type of influencer. 

Each and every one of us have somebody that just makes our blood boil, but it doesn’t make us any better by calling them out. It’s just a time waster and an energy suck. Mark my words, it can completely derail you from what you know you’re good at. It can have you second-guessing yourself straight into imposter syndrome. And it just sends you down a rabbit hole that is negative and not beneficial. So stop it!


So what do you do instead? 

Focus on yourself, your content, and the people that you know that you can serve. Those are the people you want to help so focus on them. Really just go all in with those people and let them see it for themselves. Your actions will speak way louder than your words.


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