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If you aren’t doing coffee chats in your business, you’re quite literally leaving opportunity just sitting on the table collecting dust. You know that I LOVE coffee chats. I actually have a goal to do 100 coffee chats by the end of 2022. And I’m going to share reason 6527 as to why you need to be doing them, too. 


Coffee chats are an incredible way to get content ideas.

The conversations that you have inside of a coffee chat are content gold.  There’s so much content that comes out of coffee chats. As a matter of fact, most of my content ideas for my podcast come from conversations I’ve had either on a coffee chat or a client call. But good coffee chats give me so much content.

Most recently I was on a coffee chat inside my Accelerated Business Alliance, and we were talking about different trends we’ve been seeing in the online space and different ways that we can shift to adapt. I got three different podcast episodes out of that one conversation. One of them already turned into a LinkedIn post that has opened up many conversations. 


If you struggle with content, book some coffee chats.

Get on the phone and start talking to people.  People tell you exactly what they’re struggling with, especially when you start telling people what you do and how you help others. If you are willing to listen, people give you precisely what they want to hear. So when you get on the phone with people, be mindful of this.


Keep track of your coffee chats.

I take notes while I’m having these coffee chats. But at the end of the day, I send myself an email with whatever content ideas came from those coffee chats. When I replay the conversations in my head, usually I can come up with at least one content idea per conversation. So if you’re doing two or three chats a week, there are two to three new content ideas and usually, you can get more than that. 


I know a lot of people don’t like coffee chats.

Maybe you don’t know who to connect with or even what to say. If this is the case, then you need to DM me and we need to chat about that. I’d be happy to work through that with you. 

But I’m telling you don’t discredit the amount of content that comes from these conversations. So get on the phone. Take the time to reflect on it. Really think about any key points in your conversations that you can use for content that is relevant to your business. It literally takes 10 minutes at the end of your day. Coffee chats are an incredible way to build your content bank.


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