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Committing For A Full 90 Days

Committing For A Full 90 Days

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So many of you are saying that things aren’t converting for you, or you’re not seeing the growth that you’re looking for, or that you’re not getting to where you want to be…blah, blah, blah. Let me ask you something…how long are you committing to these things that you say aren’t working? Be honest with yourself. If you’re not committing at least a full 90 days to something that you roll out, then you’re doing yourself and your clients a disservice.

I want you to go all in on something for the next 90 days. That means printing out a damn calendar and making it happen. I don’t care what you have to do. But for 90 days, I want you to go all in on something. 


Why should you be committing to something for 90 days?

Well, it’s because so many of you are saying that things aren’t converting. You’re talking about not seeing the growth that you’re looking for or not getting where you want to be in business. I will be the first one to admit that 2022 has been a weird ass year. It’s been so different. People’s buying habits are different. There’s just so much going on this year. But that’s why this challenge is more important than ever. 


Going all-in for 90 days will help you stand out above the “noise”.

There’s a lot of noise in the space right now. Everyone thinks this is true. I hear it all the time. There are a lot of people that are using the same post you’re seeing over and over. It’s always been noisy, but it seems noisier. So the more you can talk about one thing, the better off you’re going to be. 


The other thing that I’m seeing is that everyone’s mental capacity is very small. 

We are getting hammered with so many things right now. Whether it’s the economic situation, world situation, business, etc., we’re just getting hammered by shit left and right. Add to that the fact, that we’re just constantly running in different directions and it exacerbates the mental exhaustion we are all feeling. Most people are also so hyper-focused on the one thing that is going wrong in their business right now. That is all they have the capacity to think about. 


So focus on one thing for 90 days. 

This does not discredit your knowledge or your offers. It is you meeting people where they currently are. You are going to get them through this ONE THING and then move to the next thing. So whatever this one thing is that you’re focusing on, you want to make sure that it leads to something more. Once you get people in the door and the overwhelm subsides, you can start to help them out. You can calm them down, solve their biggest issue, and then you can move on. 

We all know that most of the time underneath somebody’s biggest issue there are actually a million underlying things they need help with. But they can’t focus on all those little underlying things right now. Pick one thing that you can help people solve and get crystal clear on it. People don’t have the capacity to take on any more than that. 


Committing for 90 days keeps you from giving up too soon.

People also tend to give up too soon. Remember there’s a lot of noise going on and people are busy. This means you have to put something out there more than just one or two times. You have to focus on something for a longer period of time to really test whether or not an idea is worth pursuing. Seriously, you have to give it a full 90 days. 


Committing for 90 days is going to simplify things for you. 

Just like your clients are busy and can’t focus on a million things, you can’t either! Most of you are busy as well. The thought of actually having to try to market and promote multiple different things is what is shutting you down. Things go awry when you get overwhelmed and then you shut down. 

I have a client who is an attorney. She could do contract law, trademark law, white label contracts, and literally all these other little small business things. Plus, she also has contracts and templates. I told her to go all in on trademarks for 90 days. That’s it. Yes, she can do all of these other things, but she also has a family law practice. She’s busy and doesn’t have time to promote and create content for all of them. This simplified her business for her.


So do yourself a favor and pick one.

Simplify your business for yourself. Stop trying to do all the things. Your clients don’t need every single little offer. Focus on one offer, get them on the phone, and if they need more, you can always open the door to more. Pick one thing and get known for it. 

Don’t be changing that offer up, either. Because just when you’re getting ready for people to reach out, you’re going to change it up, and then things are going to go haywire. That’s when conversions drop and your pipeline slows down. Fully commit to ONE THING for 90 days. 

I want you to take the challenge. Reach out to me and tell me what you’re going all in on for 90 days. I want you to tell me if you need help with it. Just stick with it. If you need to be held accountable, I will hold you accountable. I thrive on accountability. What can you go all in on for 90 days in your business? Tell me when you’re going to start and what your offer is. 


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