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Social credibility doesn’t mean shit without a backstory. Furthermore, content doesn’t mean crap if it isn’t bringing in the right leads. Leads don’t matter if you don’t have a conversion strategy. That’s right. I said it. And here’s why. I recently was working with a client who shared a win she got after working with me. Little did we know her previous coach stole my win. But the point of this is not about the fact that this coach stole my win. Let’s get to the real lesson.


Here’s the backstory…

There is a new client I’ve been working with who got a new lead in her inbox. She wasn’t sure how to handle it. We went back and forth in that rapid-fire style of coaching and came up with how she should respond. BOOM! The client signs on with her. It was awesome.

She was super excited because she has been working with this other coach and never closed a single lead.  He’s a content coach, not really a strategist. But she’s still in his group and has conversations with him. 

Apparently, she must have been texting him and just was telling him what happened. Well, the next thing I know I see this screenshot on his LinkedIn profile going on and on and on about how he walked her through it and got her this client. He was using it for his own self-promotion.


Lesson #1: Be mindful of a coach who is sharing social credibility.

I already talked about the influencers we hate, but I don’t even hate this guy. Seriously, I don’t even know him. This is the problem though with some “social credibility”. There’s no backstory. All you’re seeing is a screenshot of somebody singing their praises. 

I mean he did help her get active on the platform and start with content. But she’d worked with him for 5 months and not been able to convert one single lead. So don’t believe all this social credibility. Instead, find out a little bit more backstory on some of this stuff before you just believe all these stupid screenshots you see.  


Lesson #2: Leads mean nothing if you don’t convert them.

Furthermore, content means nothing if you’re not getting the right leads. There are two things that were happening here when she was working with him. Great content, but wrong leads. The content wasn’t speaking to anything that she was doing. So the leads that were hitting her inbox were not the right people. 

So I want you to ask yourself if you are getting the right leads from your content. Is your content driving the right leads to your inbox? Or is it all the wrong leads? Because that can be defeating, too. If that’s the case, that’s a content issue. 


Here’s another thing I want you to consider…

Once those leads land in your inbox, how are you converting them? Are you having the conversation to figure out EXACTLY what they need? This client was ready to just say no because the prospect sent her a message and asked her to do something that really wasn’t what she does. She needed to have a conversation and dive a little deeper. We were able to ask more questions. This leads me to lesson #3.


Lesson #3: You have to have a conversion strategy.

Without a conversion strategy, the leads are nothing. You could be completely losing a qualified lead because you’re just dismissing it because they came to you asking you a question that didn’t make sense. You have to walk people through the process to determine whether or not they’re a good lead for you. 

So, you have to consider what type of clients you are looking for. What type of business do you own? You have to know what steps to take to actually convert these leads. Then, you have to be able to offer them something that is sustainable. Walk the lead through the process of how they can work with you, what it looks like, and how they move forward with you. 


That’s exactly what this client did and she got the payment immediately that day. Two key points to remember are that your content means nothing if it’s drawing in the wrong leads. And your leads mean nothing if you don’t have a conversion strategy. 


To the coach who stole my win…

This wasn’t his win because he’d been working with her for 4-5 months and she hadn’t converted a single freaking client out of it. So don’t tell me that his content strategy is what got her that win. You have to be aware of what is really going on in the online space. Look at the facts. There’s so much noise out there. So again, be mindful of the noise because his post about this was straight-up noise. The reality is, it’s not either one of our wins. It was hers.


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