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Higher Prices Don’t Equal Higher Value

Higher Prices Don't Equal Higher Value

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For the love of God, listen to me when I tell you that higher prices DO NOT mean higher value! I am so sick to death of the bro marketing tactics! I mean seriously…there are different reasons why people price their products and services the way they do. Maybe money isn’t the end all be all for them. Or maybe they value truly helping people build sustainable businesses and value their time more than money! There are a million factors that go into pricing. But just because someone’s prices are “high ticket” doesn’t mean their services are.

Higher prices are everywhere.

To me, that offer was priced a little bit crazy. But people flocked to it. Why? Because she has a big following. She’s really good at marketing and knows all the bro marketing tactics. Believe me when I tell you that she uses them. 

I’m not saying she’s not good at what she does. Her package was double what mine was. I can guarantee you that it does not mean you’re going to get better service. Quite honestly, you actually get less service from her because you have less access to her as a coach. 

I know you guys see this all the time, but we still freaking fall for it. Why do people still fall for this shit? Just because the prices are higher does not make them better. For God’s sakes, do your damn research! Look into these people and have conversations with them. 


Maybe there’s a reason why somebody has lower prices. 

Money may not be their only driving force. Maybe they have a completely different viewpoint on it. That’s usually my perspective. I look at things very differently because I scale time. I love to scale my time. And I know exactly how much time I spend on things, and how much my hours are worth. 

I know how to scale my time, which allows me to keep my prices lower. It has nothing to do with the level of expertise people bring to the damn table. For God’s sakes, it’s such shit. I’m not saying you have to go with the cheapest person in the world. Do what makes you feel comfortable.


Prices are such a personal choice. 

But just because somebody prices themselves higher, or because they have a massive following, or they have 25,000 people on their email list compared to your 1000, it doesn’t make them better. Stop buying into this. I just don’t understand why in this day and age and 2022, as smart as we are, we are still falling for this crap. It’s such garbage! 


I’m not saying to price yourself into ramen noodles.

I’m forever telling my clients to raise their pricing because I do feel strongly that we need to actually be compensated for our time and expertise. And I do think that a lot of us are undercharging for what we do and what we bring to the table. But these big guys or big names out there, they don’t think about that. They just slap a price on it because they’re relying on the fact that they’ve got a massive following. And they don’t need to be the best of the best. Most of the time, they’ve just figured out how to market better and how to hit those pain points that make that sale. 


But here’s the thing…

How many of you actually do your damn due diligence to speak to these people and their clients? I had somebody who purchased with a coach that I had already worked with. Truly, I wish to God she would have talked to me first. Because then she said to me that she wasn’t that impressed with it. 


You have to start looking into things beyond the surface-level pricing, marketing/sales pages, and all this surface-level bullshit. 

Get on the phone with somebody. If they’re not willing to get on the phone with you, RED FLAG! Any coach with any level of integrity should be able to get on a call with you. If they’re too damn busy or too good to get on the phone with you to answer your questions, there’s a reason for it. There is a reason for it. They are not that busy or good.


You have to stop with this crap. 

Stop falling for it. People are over it. I’ve had multiple conversations with people this year that are seeing such a different trend. You have a whole new audience of people that are coming into the space and they’re not falling for that crap. The people that are falling for it are the ones that are trying to get rich quickly. 


Talk to a coach that’s been around the block about prices.

Ask them exactly what their process was to get to six figures and how long it took them. Granted, I’m not sitting here saying that we all have to share our financials. You know how I feel about that. But if they’re blowing all this smoke up your ass, ask them about it. 

Any good person that you’re trying to hire that stands in integrity with a little bit of value isn’t trying to blow smoke up your ass. Most of the time, they’re being 100% honest and transparent with you. And 90% of the time that’s on a phone call so you can actually see them, and you can hear their tone in their voice. You can see the passion for what they do. Most importantly, you can really truly see who they are as a person and connect with them. 


So stop basing your decisions on prices alone.

Stop basing your decisions on how many followers someone has. I see this over and over again. Recently, I talked to somebody who was $40,000 in debt over it with nothing to show for it because XYZ person has a massive following and charges a freaking boatload of money. Stop with that. Talk to people before you put your money down. Please stop falling for this shit. I love you guys. You know that I’m here to help you. When I come out like this is because somebody’s been burned and it pissed me off.


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