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Personal Branding: You Are Your Brand

Personal Branding: You Are Your Brand

When it comes to personal branding, it’s not actually about sharing every waking moment of your life on social media. Your personal brand is so much more than the fonts and colors you use. It’s actually what you contribute, what you show up as, and what you’re known for. And the way people get to know these things about you is by the type of content that you are posting. So you truly need to start creating content about THE THING you want to be known for and show up as that person.


It’s called a personal brand for a reason.

There is a person behind the brand. Stop trying to hide behind your keyboard. Let people get to know the person behind the brand. That is so important. Yes, you want to get known as the expert and share your expertise, and you can do that through content. But hiding behind your keyboard only gets you so far. You have to let people get to know you as a person, too. 

This is one thing that we tend to shy away from. I know personally, even myself on LinkedIn, I don’t tend to share as much of my personal side as I would on Facebook. There are a million business coaches, content creators, and branding people out there. Most people have a lot of the same skills. What makes you different is your personality and who you are as a person. 

My skills aren’t any better than the next business coach down the line. But certain people are going to connect with me as a person over somebody else. The same is true for you. And I think that is one of the biggest missing pieces. We just want to talk about expertise, share tips, and talk business. So sometimes we forget to trickle in some of those more personal things.


Sharing your story makes you a real person behind the personal brand.

It’s easy to wonder if anyone even cares if you share more personal things about your story. But to be honest, you need to share your story to help establish you even more as the expert. When you share your experiences or part of your story, it lets people see that you have already been through what they are going through and that you can help them solve the problem they are having.

Eventually, an evolution happens and people just start to know who you are. But in order to get to that point, you have to build that know, like, trust factor. They know who you are as a brand. But when you are starting out, you definitely have to give people a chance to get your know the person behind the personal brand. 


The personal things in your personal brand can keep you top of mind.

As your business evolves, as the world evolves, as you grow as a person and a business owner, there are different things that are going to continue to evolve. Everybody knows that Sunday is Donut Sunday for me. It’s become part of my brand. At Christmas time, I was getting boxes and boxes of all different things related to donuts. Do I want to be known as the donut person? Not necessarily. But it keeps me top of mind. When they see something of donuts, they think of me and then go look at my content to see what I’ve been up to. 


People don’t want to do business with a brand.

They want to do business with people. So stop hiding behind your business. People are doing business with you because of you. They are buying into you. You need to get so focused on what exactly it is that you do well, and then find the people that resonate with that. Stop trying to do something that resonates with all the people.


You can’t please everyone. 

I was on a speed networking in my Alliance, and one of the questions that came up was about putting together a program.  The person felt like she couldn’t figure out the right timing. The reality is you’re never going to please everybody. 

There’s always going to be somebody that just likes to bitch about everything. No matter what you do, it’s not going to be good enough. You could literally tailor everything you do towards them, and they’re still going  bitch about it. 

There’s always going to be somebody that you’re not going to make happy. But those are not the people you need to stay focused on. Stay focused on the people that are resonating with you.  So be who you are… be authentic. Stop trying to be somebody else.


It’s okay to be a little bit polarizing. 

There’s power in actually being a little bit polarizing. I mean I don’t really want to work with people that are going to be offended by my every word. And I did not get into business to be on eggshells all the time. That is not enjoyable. You can go do that in a job. That’s not what I’m here for. 

I’m not sitting here saying that you should show up and be completely unprofessional. There’s no time for that. But there is a time and a place for you being you. That is what is most important. Stand in your own power and what you’re an expert at.

Key points for establishing your personal brand.

  1. Start now/early on in your entrepreneurial journey. You need to start finding what your personal brand is right now. 
  2. No more making excuses. Just be you! Show up at you and stand in your power.
  3. Let people get to know the person behind the brand. You can do this by sharing more of your story and allowing people to truly see YOU.


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