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2018…I WANT. YOU. BACK! It’s common knowledge that history often repeats itself. We see it in trends and in fashion. But…what you probably don’t realize is that we are currently seeing it in the online space. In 2018, the way we did business in the online space was simple. And guess what? We are bringing 2018 back, baby.


I am bringing 2018 back in every sense of the word.

In 2022, I came in really strong. But it wasn’t converting. I was also seeing that a lot of things weren’t converting well for people. Growth was a little bit slower in general. The overall energy was just slower for a lot of people. 

So, in true Michelle form, I went back to the drawing board. That’s what I do. But when I started thinking about what worked and what lit me up, I started coming back to different ideas, thoughts, and programs. Then Facebook memories started popping up. 


I realized that I built my entire business on Facebook in 2018. 

This was when I realized that this is what I want to talk about. Those posts were solid and amazing. This is what I want to bring back. If you’ve been around for a while, I want to encourage you to go back to your 2018- 2019 stuff. Give it a good look. Because it very well could be solid gold.


In 2018, the online space was poppin’.

There were a lot of people that had been in the world for a long time, but it was still fairly new. It was still one of these things where you saw your main players, but there were also a lot of different people. A lot of C-level executives or people that had been in the corporate world for a long time decided to come into the online space. 


There wasn’t a lot of this funnel talk and bro marketing going on. 

We were just doing business by speaking your regular normal business language. Then in 2019, you started seeing this influx of entrepreneurs and Click Funnels. You started to see all the bro marketing, tiny offers, passive income streams, etc. It got really crazy. So everybody kind of jumped ship and went into passive offers, myself included. 

In 2019, I completely went all in on a passive income offer. It quickly tanked my income. Then 2020 hits, and it’s the pandemic. People are losing their jobs left, right, and center. So now you have a ton of people working from home and starting a business. This created a massive influx of buyers. They needed to know how to be in business in the online space. People were buying into long-form programs because they had time on their hands. 


People are over the bro marketing.

Here we are in 2022 and a lot of people have gone back to the workforce. The people who have decided to stick around in the online space were people who had high-level jobs in the corporate world. They just don’t associate with this bro marketing and people are over it. We’ve been there, done that, and too many people have gotten burned on it. They’re sick of the funnels and trip wires. 


The people that are left standing want the 2018 way of doing business.

They want a simple conversation that lets them know if you can solve their problem or not. That is why I say bring 2018 back. It’s how business was done in 2018. It was like, “Here’s who I am, what I do, how I can help you.” 

It was super focused on pain points and that one struggle. We were not diving into all the negativity and all these deep-rooted negative emotions. We got to the point, communicated, and solved the problem. That is what is converting now. It is what is working. I’m seeing it with my clients and other colleagues. 


So bring 2018 back! 

Go back to your old content and find what worked. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. I brainstormed this entire idea of all the different ways I was going to separate out my offers only to find out I had already done it in 2018. Surprisingly, I had just forgotten about it. 


I’m bringing 2018 back.

No more ending in my pricing in 7s or long-term commitments in big high-ticket programs. I have a one-month intensive and a two-month intensive now. I’m a huge fan of retainer and long-term working relationships, but I’m not into the initial investment of that big high-ticket offer.  Truthfully, I think a lot of people aren’t. So I’ve got my intensives that will then lead to retainer which is how I’ve always built my business. 

People have always gotten the best results being on that lower commitment, constantly in your pocket type thing. So I’m going to do that and speak to what I know is true and in alignment with myself. And you should too. Shut out all the freaking noise! People are done falling for this bullshit noise anyways. Find what speaks authentically to you.


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