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Let me ask you something. Why do you actually NEED a funnel? I probably just offended some people, but think about it. I understand the point of having a funnel is to warm up your leads. The goal is to get them into your pond, warm them up, and nurture them with the intention that they will continue to upgrade. But do you realize that every time your ideal client has to take that next step you give them an out? So tell me why you actually NEED a funnel to sell your offer. Just sell direct!


A funnel isn’t a necessity.

This topic came up in one of the Accelerated Business Alliance masterminds. There was a member that was talking about creating a new funnel. We were all trying to understand her goals of the offer and help her brainstorm the lead magnet, tripwire, etc. Then, I challenged her and said that I didn’t understand why she wasn’t just selling the offer direct. When she was talking about the offer and the transformation it provided, it sounded great! She didn’t NEED a funnel. 


I understand the point of having a funnel.

It is to warm up your leads. The goal is to get them into your pond, warm them up, and nurture them with the intention that they will continue to upgrade. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that every time your customer has to take another step in your process, you give them an out.  So if you’re not selling until Step 6 of the email sequence, you quite possibly could lose the opportunity to convert that person. 


Every step inside of these funnels gives your prospect an out. 

So if you know you have a solid offer and a solid product, stop giving people the out!  Just sell direct. If you think about it, people in the online space have an issue or a struggle that they need to solve in order to move forward in their business. But they are also in this place of overwhelm and busyness. 

They need someone to help them solve their problem without a million steps to get there. So they want to meet with you, see if you’re the right person for them, and then get the issue resolved. This is why I really encourage you to just sell your program direct. You don’t need all these additional steps and trip wires. 

If you have a one-to-one offer that you know provides a massive transformation and is priced accordingly, know who your exact ideal client is, and you can speak directly to the things they’re struggling with, trust me when I tell you your ideal client is ready to buy. They’re just waiting for you to show up and tell them about the solution you have for them. 


Don’t make ideal clients jump through the hoops of a funnel.

Your competitor is not making them jump through hoops. And maybe your competitor isn’t as good, but they made it easier for them to buy. That is the key! Focus on making it easy for your ideal client to take action, buy your offer, and get the result. That’s what people are in need of right now.


Put yourself in the buying client’s perspective. 

Are you wanting to download a lead magnet and then potentially buy a trip wire and then potentially have to watch a master class in order to get to the end result you need?  Or are you just looking to have a conversation with somebody, figure out if they’re the best fit for you, and move on? I guarantee you’re probably the latter. So do yourself a favor and just sell direct to those clients that are ready to buy.


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