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If your prospect knew absolutely everything they needed to know about their business, they wouldn’t be hiring you. Think about it. You are an expert for a reason…to educate those who don’t know how to do what you do. And if this is the case, why are we not educating our clients and prospects about what we know to be true about business and stand in our integrity when we do it?


Educating your lead.

A client of mine a discovery call. We were talking about how the discovery call went. She said that she thought it went okay, but her lead had told her that she was potentially going to be working with a copywriter first. 

My client is a brand strategist. She told me that it didn’t sound like this lead’s brand messaging and her positioning was fleshed out enough to be working with a copywriter. That point was her sale. She needed to be educating her lead by telling her that working with a copywriter may or may not be the best fit for her right now. Magic happens when you can shift from being salesy to educating your client and standing in integrity. 


I am constantly educating my leads and clients.

Several months ago, a woman came to me who was trying to decide if she should get her website done or invest in a brand name before she worked with a coach. Yes, you need all of these things. But here’s the thing, she told me she didn’t have any offers, didn’t know who her client is, didn’t know what she should be working on, etc. She wasn’t even sure if she was making any profit yet. 


So I educated her on my own experience being in her shoes. 

I took a little extra time to focus on educating her on how she needed to have all of this figured out before she built a website that would be outdated the minute she worked with a coach and everything changed. This conversation wasn’t me saying, “This is why I think I’m better.” It was about me educating her on why there are certain steps and why things go in this progressive order, in order to make the most sense for her benefit. She was so grateful for that point of view because it was something she hadn’t thought of yet.


Educating vs. sales.

This is where people are missing out on potential sales. When somebody tells you that they are thinking about working with a certain person first, but you know it’s not the right step for them, it is a beautiful and perfect opportunity for you to actually get the sale by educating them.  it’s not about the sale. Instead, it’s about standing in integrity and educating your client. Then, that can turn into great content too. 


So flip your mindset from sales to education. 

Go back to all the calls you’ve done lately. Think about the things your leads have asked you. How can you use that for content and focus on educating your audience from a place of integrity? Show your audience why investing in you versus somebody else is beneficial for them. Shift your mindset just a little bit. It’s really about educating your client. Then, education leads to the sale. They don’t know what they don’t know. That’s just the reality of it. It’s your job to tell them.


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