What Are Your Customers Saying?

What are your customers saying? Whether you realize it or not, listening to what your clients have to say and using their words in your content is the key to attaining top-of-mind awareness. So how exactly do you utilize what they are saying? In today’s episode, I’m breaking down exactly what you can do to capture and utilize what your customers are saying about you and your business.


A little exercise to help you recognize what your customers are saying.

We do this exercise in the Alliance all the time. I want you to dive in and create a running list of the words that are coming out of your clients’ or prospects’ mouths. Then, you need to use those words in your content and start sharing them with your audience. The reasoning behind this is so that when your audience hears those words, they immediately think of you.


Using what your customers are saying.

Let me give you an example. One of the members of the Alliance is a personal trainer. Some of the things her clients are saying are: 

  • “Oh my god, I just don’t feel comfortable in my own skin.” 
  • “I want to join a gym, but I feel super intimidated because they’re usually full of men.”
  • “I love to do weightlifting, but it’s super intimidating.”
  • “I just feel so uncomfortable in my skin right now.” 
  • “My clothes don’t fit.”
  • “I just don’t feel good. My energy is low again.”


Here’s an example from my clients:

  • “I’m doing okay, but I know I could do better.”
  • “I’m stuck. I don’t know what to do to grow any further than this.”
  • “I have big plans and visions, but I just can’t seem to get past this point.”
  • “I just keep getting stuck! I get a little bit of growth, and then it stagnates. I just can’t get past it.” 
  • “I have all of these ideas, but I just don’t know how to actually monetize them.”


Why does it matter if you keep a running list of what your customers are saying?

When you can use the common phrases your customers are saying in your content, you’re going to achieve top-of-mind awareness. What’s going to happen is when someone in your audience hears someone else say those words, they are going to immediately think of you. 

Every time you have a conversation with a client or a sales call, make sure you have this running document up and jot these things down. Make it easy for people to refer to you by using the phrases commonly used by your customers. It hits different because you’re speaking the exact language of your ideal client. 


This is super powerful.

Buddy up with somebody! I highly recommend you do a co-working session or coffee chat. The person you are bouncing ideas off of probably has someone in their life that has expressed some phrases that will make killer content. So I highly encourage you to go grab a biz bestie. If you need a biz bestie, I can hook you up with somebody that could help you go through this. 

But I’m telling you, this is super powerful. I bet you’ve never really even thought about your business in this way. Because we just don’t typically do it. Bottom line…figure out what your clients are saying, use it in your content, and start sharing it.


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