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Part of being a biz owner is getting comfortable promoting yourself. I know that we were trained for years and years and years that talking about yourself is just not acceptable. But now, you’re in the world of entrepreneurship. And I’m here to tell you that you have to get comfortable promoting yourself! 


Promoting yourself can feel hard.

I know it’s tough. But if you’re not where you want to be in business, I would challenge you to really look at how often you are telling people that you are available to take on new clients. How often are you doing business-building activities like sharing your testimonials?

If you can’t be proud of yourself, and you can’t promote yourself, how are other people going to feel confident enough to work with you?  It’s your job to tell other people about what you do and the results that you get. You need to share testimonials all the time.  You can’t just do it once a month and hope people see it. In fact, you should be sharing testimonials once every 4 days.


Promoting the results you get is non-negotiable.

You have to get used to promoting the results you get and why people should do business with you. I know that’s difficult. And I know that a lot of people really struggle with it. But at this point, if you want to grow your business, it’s non-negotiable.

The struggles you have around promoting yourself are just excuses.  Those excuses keep you safe. They keep you in your comfort zone.  I can’t honestly justify any of the reasons that I would give you about why I don’t talk about myself or why I don’t share testimonials. At the end of the day, it’s all just an excuse. 


Your desire to succeed has to be stronger than your excuses. 

And if it’s not then you have to be comfortable and satisfied with the results that you’re currently getting. But if you are desiring different results, then look to see what your excuses are. “I don’t like talking about myself” or “I don’t want to annoy people always promoting myself” are excuses people often tell themselves. If somebody is going to get annoyed because you’re talking about yourself, they’re not your ideal client anyway.


You have to shift your mindset.

If somebody is promoting themselves in a really crappy way, then that’s one thing. But the reality is, you are never going to do that. You’re not going to be promoting yourself in a super shitty way. So just get used to it. Stop making excuses. There’s no factual information that you can put behind any of it as to why you shouldn’t be doing it. 


So get out there and start promoting yourself.

I’m going to challenge you to share a testimonial once every 4 days. Start talking about yourself, sharing a testimonial, and sharing the results you get. Share a screenshot of the messages people have sent you that have a quick win. Those little text messages mean a lot because people see them and they process them differently. 

So go through your texts, messengers, emails, and recommendations. If you need to ask people for testimonials, then ask them. Ask people for recommendations or a video testimonial. Get the release to share it and start talking about yourself at least at minimum once every 4 days.


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