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Let’s stop focusing on all the pain points and start focusing on the results. Speaking to pain points will only get you so far in your marketing efforts. People know they have struggles. What they really want to know is how you can take away those struggles and help them achieve their desired outcome. Start talking about the results you deliver that will help them overcome whatever it is that is going on in their business. 


The secret to sales is focusing on the results.

What are the results that you provide? Put yourself in your client’s shoes. We all have struggles. Tech is a struggle for me. Sometimes writing can be a struggle, too. When I pay someone to do these tasks that I struggle with, it’s usually because I have been following somebody and they are talking about the results that I desire. We all have results that we are desiring. 


I want you to start focusing on the results or transformation that you provide.

Think about it as your end result. You need to figure out what you’re ideal client is desiring. Are they desiring: 

You need to listen to what your clients are saying and use that to focus on the result that you provide based on the struggles they’re experiencing. You can learn more about listening to what your clients are saying in Episode 157.


How are you going to get me to the results I need?

We follow people that are getting the results. That’s what we’re looking for. When I’m looking to hire, I want somebody that can prove to me they have already gotten the results I desire. I don’t care that you can speak my language with all the things I’m struggling with. Yes, I already know I’m struggling. But how you’re going to get me to the results I need? What results do you provide? 


People are starting to see through the bro marketing BS.

I keep seeing this shift. People are seeing through this bro BS marketing of talking about negative pain points and diving into their deepest negative emotions. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need that crap anymore. 

Tell me what you can do to help me. That’s what I really want to know. I want to know your process and for you to prove to me that you’re helping other clients do it. Flip the narrative in all of your conversations and really just hone in on the results you provide. 


I think we need to do more with positivity.

There’s enough negativity in the world. Stop tapping into people’s negative emotions and their hardships. Focus on the positive and the fact that you can help them move through their struggle and get the results they desire. When you can show someone how you can get them the results they desire, that’s when they will spend their money.



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