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Being in the right mindset and confident in yourself and your abilities is what is going to get you the best results. You can make all the investments you want, but they won’t grow your business unless you believe in yourself. End. Of. Story. When you do not believe in yourself, you allow FEAR to take the driver’s seat in your business, and you start making decisions based on that fear. This is why your mind truly does control your results. Your mind is what is going to get you the best results. 


Use your mind to silence your inner critic.

We all have an inner critic. I call my Negative Nelly. But we broke up. And you should break up with your inner critic, too. All your inner critic does is create fear-based decision-making. Fear stands for false evidence appearing real. That “false evidence” often shows up in the form of excuses. See if any of these sound familiar:

The reality is none of those things are accurate.
They’re fear. I want you to think about them. When you are using your mind to control your results, “How much will this cost?” flips to “What can I gain from doing this?” Whether it’s an investment of time or money or both, what can you gain from that investment? Now, to be clear, I’m not saying just invest aimlessly. 


Let me give you an example. 

I have a client right now that is investing in a summit of sorts. She had to pay and there were all these different options. The immediate response is, “Well, how much is this going to cost?” But I encourage her to take a look at it and see what she is going to gain from this. It’s not about the cost. But is about what you will gain from the experience. 

You can gain things that aren’t monetary as well. You can gain notoriety, followers, connections, and insight. This is going to put her in a community of people that serve a similar audience in different ways. Just being connected to different people in her same strategic partnerships is worth it. Truthfully, you are going to gain something from any investment. Don’t let your excuses stop you.


Use your mind to dig a little deeper.

Sometimes we come up with those excuses because it’s easier to just blame the cost when there is a deeper fear or emotion present below the surface. By not digging a little deeper into the emotion that is causing your fear-based response, you are costing yourself so much more than the actual investment. 


Your mind is what is controlling your growth.

When you are investing in something, I want you to think, “Am I ready for this investment, and am I ready to do the work?” Because you could go apply for my two-month coaching program, we could go through that R.O.U.T.E framework, and we could do all the reflection. But if you’re not ready to make the changes you need to make in your business, then what’s the point? What is the plan? If you’re not ready now, then what is your plan for growth? How do you expect it to change and grow? 


Don’t make decisions out of fear.

I want you to practice the pause. This is from my mindset coach, but you’ve heard this before. Practice the pause. Sit with it. Fear is usually this immediate impulsive decision that we make because Negative Nelly shows up and starts mouthing off. 

I want you to go break up with your Negative Nelly. She is just the fear stepping up and wanting to keep you safe. Well, guess what? Growth doesn’t happen when you’re safe and in your comfort zone. It happens in the unknown. Growth happens in the discomfort outside of the comfort zone. So this fear keeps you in your safe zone and you can’t move beyond it. 


I see this all the time. 

Clients come to me and they can’t get past a certain level. They’re trying to implement all these strategies, and they get themselves into creation mode. There are so many different things they want to implement. It’s all beautiful, but if your mind is not going to allow you to move beyond it and get out of your way, then what is the point? 


You can not outgrow a negative thought.

Until you completely move beyond those negative thoughts and those fear-based decisions, you cannot outgrow that.  All the best-laid plans and strategies in the world are not going to be able to outgrow those fear-based decisions. 

It’s something that you have to sit with. Go journal about it. Talk about it. Get on the phone with your business bestie. Reach out to me, and let’s talk about it. Let’s have a conversation. This is what I love the most about the Rapid Fire coaching program. It gives us the chance to talk when you are sitting amid fear-based decisions.  


With anything mindset-related and growth-related, awareness is the first step. 

You have to be aware of when these situations are coming up. Then, practice the pause. Walk away. Go talk it out. Then, come back and make a decision. You have to move beyond some of this stuff that’s holding you back. It’s all in your head. 

So go break up with your inner critic. Go figure out what your fear-based responses are and make a list so that you can refer back to them. Then when they come up ask yourself, “Am I going to continue to sit with this, or am I going to decide to make a different decision?”


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