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Making quick cash equals quick action. You know how I always talk about having back pocket offers that are your quick cash injection offers?  And while I wholeheartedly believe in having these offers…it’s important for you to know that these offers are only good if you actually put action behind them. Quick cash doesn’t just magically happen because, suddenly, you’ve decided you need it. You need to actually take action and it has to be quick.


Making quick cash just doesn’t happen.

This was a conversation I was having with a client. Your back pocket quick cash offers are only good if you actually put action behind them. So if you are in a position where you need some quick cash, then you need to take some quick action. 


Here’s an example of making quick cash and taking quick action.

For example, this client was creating a power hour session. She was getting really wrapped up in all the tech, but she had a very short window of time that she could actually offer this power hour because she was getting ready to leave on an extended vacation. When you have such a short window of time, you don’t have the time to get wrapped up in all the behind-the-scenes tech like a full-on landing page, an onboarding sequence, and automation. 


Done is better than perfect.

If you have a quick cash injection offer, it’s not one that you put a lot of that time into. Don’t get wrapped up in all the systems and on the creation side of it. If it’s a power hour or something where you’re exchanging time for dollars, done is better than perfect. Even if it’s a small offer that you want to throw out there, you can always put version 1.0  out of it out, and then tell people you will be updating it. Any kind of value add like that creates even better reviews, recommendations, and testimonials.


Making quick cash means you have to figure out what it is you’re offering, what you need to do, get it done, and then start promoting it. 

You can even promote it as a limited-time offer. Somebody in our mastermind group just did a pop-up-style offer where she only offered it for a week. This is a great idea. And it truly embodies what I mean by quick cash. She did it, put it out there, and sold them. She’s not doing it again for a while. 

But you have to take quick action. You can’t just say you need cash, and you can’t just decide you have these back pocket offers and hope that people are going to come to find them. If you want to make some quick cash, get out there and take some quick action. Here are a few ways you can take quick action:

You’re in business to make make money.

Sales equal business. You’re providing a solution. If people get annoyed by it, see you later. Do things that get people to actually take action. Create a time sensitivity. Making quick cash requires quick action, period. 

You cannot just sit behind your computer creating it. If you need to make quick cash, get your butt out there, get noticed, bring people in, get uncomfortable, and do the hard things. That’s where you’re going to make quick cash. 

After that, work on building up your list and filling your pipeline. Keep a list of people that you can reach back out to. Offer them a freebie, stay in their inbox, and keep providing tons of value. Then, just do it all over again…wash, rinse, repeat.


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