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When you go to a business summit, are you actually implementing the things that you learn about in your own business? I mean let’s face it…It’s one thing to go to an event. But it’s another thing to actually implement what you learned at said event. There are facts behind the idea that you learn best when you have to repeat it and teach it to others. So allow me to put this idea to the test. 


I recently went to the Badass Business Summit by Donnie Boivin, and I want to share my experience of this incredible event with you.

From an overall business summit perspective, what I absolutely loved was that everything was in one place. If you go to an event and they have a block of rooms set up, stay in the hotel. Some of the best conversations happen in the elevator up and down. They happen at the bar grabbing a glass of wine, in the hallways, and in the bathrooms because everybody’s there for the same purpose. 

There are so many amazing conversations that happen outside of the actual summit event. I loved the fact that they had enough rooms, and it was all in one space in the hotel. This felt very intimate and manageable. 


The setup for this business summit was truly put together so well.

They had 2 rooms that you could go between, depending on the speakers. Then, there was a table set up outside. The breakfast area and bar were right there. The whole thing just worked out really well. 

They also broke everything down into 4 tracks. You could very easily see when you got in there what you were going to learn. The 4 tracks were sales, marketing, operations, and mindset. These are the 4 key areas of business growth. This summit truly was designed for business growth.


In the beginning, he told everybody how to make the most out of this event.

He had us create a page that said “Action Items”. We had to create a list of 10 of these action items. Then, as we were listening to the speakers, we had to write down what we wanted to do when we got home. 

The separate list is more focused on:

This is really a great tip for when you attend any kind of business summit. I highly suggest that you do that. Whether you’re attending a virtual summit, a networking event, or even a coffee chat,
have a list of action items that’s separate from your notes so that you can pull out the things that you actually want to implement. 


Another thing that I really loved about this event was the Post-It notes that were on the tables.

They were there for when somebody was speaking and you got a one-liner that’s really awesome or something that was a huge light bulb moment, you could write it down and go stick it on the wall. They had a separate section where they were putting all of these key takeaways. You could go up to the wall and just see it. It was so interesting to see the different things that people picked up on and what clicked. 


I also loved the fact they encouraged us to move to a new table with each speaker at this business summit. 

There were breaks in between each speaker which gave you the opportunity to get up, go get water, and then come back and sit at a different table. They really encourage you to sit at a different table with different people because they wanted you to meet everybody. You can create a lot of connections and solid conversations from this concept.


There are 3 key takeaways from this business summit that I want to share with you.

1- A business summit gives you the ability to connect easily and in person.

This is why I’m always encouraging all of you to get out from behind your keyboard. Content is great and content marketing works, but it’s a slow process for so many. if you can’t go to something in person, get on virtual coffee chats, or show up to virtual events. 


2- Going to a business summit gives you the ability to have amazing conversations.

It encouraged conversation inside all the workshops. It wasn’t like you were just sitting there listening. You were actually taking action which was really fun. I was reminded how quickly friendships can form when you actually are in person. It’s just such a different experience to be able to meet people. 

I was probably one of the very few that were not in this networking group. These people have networked and had conversations virtually for years. Then, they got to meet each other in person. It was just amazing to see these new friendships and old friendships rekindled. I’m telling you to get out from behind your keyboards. Even if you’re introverted, you can do it!


3- QR codes make everything easier at a business summit.

A lot of people create and save a QR code with all their information as the wallpaper on their phones. You literally just held up your phone, and could easily connect. No sorting through business cards. Then when we got home, everybody would go through the recently connected on LinkedIn. It allows you to see who you connected with but didn’t get a chance to really chat with. Now you could schedule that virtual coffee, which has been amazing.


These are some of my biggest takeaways from the Badass Business Summit.

You can implement these types of things whether it’s virtually or in person. Most importantly, it’s about building relationships, learning from other people, and having conversations. You never know where it’s going to take you, and you never know what you’re going to actually gain from it. You have to want your dream and want to change. Don’t let your fear control you and keep you from growing your business. 


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