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Do you know the difference between an introduction and a strategic introduction? If not, keep reading. Networking is essential to business growth. If you want to grow, you truly do have to put yourself out there and make the right connections. But strategic introductions truly help you take your networking to the next level. 


Making strategic introductions is more than just sending somebody a name. 

One of the things that we recently did inside the Alliance were 4-on- 4 Coffee Chats. During these events, 4 people would come togetherat the same time versus one-on-one. After a while, we realized that we needed to dive a little bit deeper. So we switched them from coffee chats to the Strategic Introduction Power Hours. 


How can you make strategic introductions?

If you say to somebody, “Is there somebody that I can introduce you to?”, most of the time, the answer that we give is a certain type of ideal client. But the reality is a lot of people just can’t think off the top of their heads. 

You need to ask for something different. Think about who would be a great strategic partner. If you’re a copywriter, ask for an intro to somebody that does branding because multiple brand experts help with messaging and positioning, but they don’t actually write the copy. That’s a great strategic introduction. 

 have one of the members in the Alliance who is a membership strategist. She had said that one of her really great power partners will do the tech setup of the membership, but she doesn’t want to get into any of the strategy sides. I had met with somebody who actually owns a white-labeled software company that hosts memberships. She doesn’t get into doing any of the strategy work of how to set it up, what to price it at, or anything else. She just sells you the platform to host it on. That was a great strategic introduction. 


You need to make the strategic introductions mutually beneficial to everybody. 

Making a strategic introduction is about more than just giving someone a name. It’s about making the introduction in a way that shows both parties how they can benefit from working strategically with each other. Always physically make the intro and tell the other person why you think they’d be a good fit to talk to the other person.


Here’s another great strategic introduction. 

I talked to a financial coach who works with high-level executives, business owners, and attorneys. I have another member in the Alliance who is a time management and productivity consultant for attorney owners, but she doesn’t work on the finance side. She tells us this all the time in the Alliance because she talks about how she creates all this time for them, they start making all this money, but then they need somebody to help them kind of manage this massive growth. I immediately knew these two needed to meet. So I made that strategic introduction.


Here are some other great strategic opportunities:

These are all instances where you can communicate with people you meet that you are looking to do these things and would appreciate an intro if they know of something that would be a good fit for you and your expertise.


It’s okay to ask for strategic introductions.

Ask people to make a strategic introduction for you if they come across somebody that would be a great intro for you. Let them know how would you like to be introduced. This is a great practice to do in a coffee chat, and you should be doing the same for them.

I highly recommend you set up a group where strategic introductions are the main focus for everyone involved. These power hours are amazing. I went through my calendar and looked at everyone I had coffee chats with and tried to find strategic introductions I could make as a result.


The key piece is actually making the strategic introduction. 

Do it while you’re on the phone with them or immediately after. Open up the chat box on LinkedIn and do those strategic introductions. It’s very powerful for you and your business to be a connector of people. You never know where that’s going to lead. 


Think about it, put it out there to your audience, and put it out there to your communities. 

If you have a membership community of some sort, host these power hours. There are so many people that everybody else knows, and there’s a lot of power in that. It will really make a big difference for a lot of people. Think outside the box a little bit, and go and make those strategic introductions. 


If you want a community of people to do this with where you can feel seen and feel supported, join us in the Alliance.


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