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Experiencing the Take Action Effect

Even the smallest action taken can create a massive ripple effect. This is known as the “Take Action Effect”. I recently experienced the “Take Action Effect” during my Champions 90 Challenge. Simply saying “yes” to this challenge and taking small actions throughout my day has created a ripple effect in my business. Even the smallest actions you take can create growth. So- what ripple effect could you be creating if you decided to just take action?


What is the “Take Action Effect?

I was listening to a podcast by Scott Volker. He wrote this book called “The Take Action Effect.” Quite honestly, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the podcast. The point of it was about how when you take action on something small, it has a ripple effect down the line. Sometimes the smallest of actions have a massive ripple effect. 


I recently saw this Take Action Effect in action in my own life.

I’m doing the Champions 90 Challenge which requires me to take some daily actions. One of the daily actions is to listen to a podcast. So I listened to this incredible podcast from the owner of Hello Audio on creating a private podcast. It was awesome, but the whole time I was listening I was thinking, “Oh my gosh, this is the exact strategy that one of my clients needs.” 

I took action again and told her, “Hey, I think this is something you could get behind and really be able to maintain. Listen to this episode and just let me know what you think.” She listened to the episode and sent me the mindblown emoji on Messenger. She then booked a call with me. 

This is exactly what that guy was talking about with the Take Action Effect. Taking this little action lead to this massively crazy ripple effect. The small action that I took was just saying “yes” to Champions 90. Then, another small action I took was listening to my daily podcast. 


What small action could you be taking to create a ripple effect in your business? 

Think about some of the smallest actions you’ve taken that have had this massive ripple effect. I think that’s what stops a lot of people from their growth. You think you have to take really big actions, and that’s not the case. Sometimes it’s about taking the smallest actions, like just saying “yes” to something or listening to a 10-minute podcast. It could just fuel that motivation inside of you!


Here’s another amazing example of the Take Action Effect. 

We were hosting a direct outreach inside of the Alliance. Basically, everybody showed up with their list, and we made a game out of it. We all sent direct messages. One of the women took action and sent a message to somebody that said, “Hey! How have you been doing?” He responded, “I’m so happy you reached out to me. Things are getting crazy. Did I ever show you how to do X, Y, and Z? I think I need to bring you back on. Can we set up a coffee chat here in the next day or so?” Small action=big ripple effect. 


The smallest little action can have massive ripple effects. 

There are so many instances in your life where you’ve taken action. I want you to think about that the next time you find yourself in a state of analysis paralysis. What is an action you can take today that’s going to have a ripple effect down the line? 

Write it down so that you can see how powerful these small actions are. I think that you will find that there are far more actions you have taken than you give yourself credit for. Most people discredit the small actions that they take, and those are the ones that lead to the biggest results sometimes.


If you are having trouble taking action, that’s what Accelerated Business Alliance is for. 

We have co-working sessions to encourage you to take action and mastermind sessions to encourage those small actions and stop you from feeling like you’re alone and questioning many aspects of being a business owner. You do not have to build your business alone.


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