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What makes a “hell yes” client? Have you ever even really thought about it? We all want to work with the dream clients that make our souls come alive. But what does that look like for you?


I recently reconnected with someone through a coffee chat where the topic of working only with a “hell yes” client came up.

He told me that he was really at the point where he didn’t necessarily want to do a whole lot of one-on-one coaching anymore unless they’re a “hell yes” client.” So I asked him what made a “hell yes” client for him He looked at me, smiled, and said, “You know, that’s a really good question.


This is something that we don’t often think about. But we do have a choice to say, “I only want to work with a ‘hell yes’ client.” I want you to think about it:


For me, one of my biggest determining factors of a “hell yes” client is if they’re heart-centered. 

I want to work with people who lead with their hearts. They have the desire to serve. To be completely honest with you, I interview everybody for the Alliance. During that interview, I’m looking for their responses to why they want to be here. What is their reason for joining? It is so important to me to be surrounded by people who are heart-centered.

Somebody said to me that she just wants to be in a group that can celebrate each other’s wins, and also cheer each other on when we’re having a tough day. “I want to be in a group where people get it.” To me, that’s the answer. That is a hell yes client because that is exactly what I’m trying to embody inside of the Accelerated Business Alliance. 

If someone is only in it for money, then they are not a “hell yes” client for me. And that’s okay. There are other people out there that that is a hell yes client for. They love it and are driven by it.


Here’s how you can figure out what makes a “hell yes” client for you. 

Grab a piece of paper/pen, your notebook, or your digital pad and write at the top of it, “What makes a “hell yes” client?” 

Really think about that and then make a list. When you work with somebody and they do something you absolutely love, add it to your “hell yes” list. Then, you can use that in your marketing and in your conversations with people. You can use that in your content so you are really speaking to those people.

Go take action!


If you need a little help making your “hell yes” list, check out my Roadmap to Massive Clarity.

This is not the first time I’ve talked about this, but I have a whole slew of questions in my roadmap to massive clarity. Definitely take the time to go through it because it’s going to walk you through questions that help you to really think about who your “hell yes” clients are.

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