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What is Rapid Fire Coaching? Why is it beneficial to your business? Rapid Fire Coaching is the business model I have moved all of my 1-on-1 clients to. It is such an incredible business model from both a consumer perspective and a consultant/coach perspective. This type of coaching allows you to work with a client in the moment when an issue arises in their business. Today, we are discussing:


I first learned about Rapid Fire Coaching in a program with a mindset coach. 

This is what she does, but she calls it laser coaching. You could call it whatever you want. Basically, it’s unlimited access to you. Many people are doing it through different apps such as Voxer or WhatsApp. The thing that I absolutely love about my Rapid Fire Coaching is the ability to have calls. The calls are really truly what are so killer and amazing. 

When you have a long-term coaching program, you have set calls where it’s 1 hour every week or every other week. A lot of times, your client is coming to you with so many things that have happened in between each call. 

Then, you have to go through a million things and the conversation goes in a million different directions. You end up with too many action items, and it gets overwhelming. So you don’t really get results. The beauty of Rapid Fire Coaching is that there is no time for issues to build up. They have unlimited access.


Think about it like always having your coach in your back pocket.

The way I have Rapid Fire Coaching set up to use WhatsApp. I love that you can send voice memos, documents, and emails. If you want to save it or refer to it later, you can store it in a different folder. 

I use WhatsApp and have a calendar that is set up with 25-minute call links. Every client that goes on Rapid Fire Coaching has access to this calendar. They can book as many calls per month as they want. 


You can set Rapid Fire Coaching up a couple of different ways. 

It’s no different than if you have a coffee chat or a Calendly link. You set the parameters around when they have access to you. So it’s not like they have 24/7 access. It’s unlimited, meaning they can book as many calls as they want, but it doesn’t mean your schedule is open. You still have business hours. 


The thing is that you’re focused on one thing at a time. 

When they book the call, they have the ability to say what they want to focus on. It’s one thing. You get on the call, you talk about it, you create the action items, and they go take action. Then, in between, you can have the Voxer/WhatsApp support, and they can book another call when they’re ready. 


What I absolutely love about this is that it is in the moment. 

The client has to take ownership of this. It’s not like you’re showing up every single week and they can say, “Oh, I didn’t get anything done.” They’re not going to book a Rapid Fire call and say, “I just booked the call, but I didn’t do anything.” 

One of my clients has been working with me for over 4 years on a retainer, and I switched her to this model recently. She said, “Michelle, I cannot even tell you how amazing it is to just know that I have access to ask these questions that normally would have been piling up until our next call. I felt like I was so overwhelmed because I had so many things to talk to you about. Now I feel like I’m just constantly in this state of proactivity versus reactive because I don’t have  to wait to talk to you.” 


Rapid Fire Coaching is an amazing way to support your clients. 

You can do it from anywhere because, most of the time, it’s just a quick voice note back and forth on WhatsApp or a quick text. They might send you a question and you can tell them to grab a spot on your calendar for you to talk about it. Even then, the calls are only 20-25 minutes. Record them. They take notes. You give them the action items, and move on. It is such a powerful business model for keeping people moving forward. 


I heard on a podcast a while ago, give away all your secrets, because truly, there is no secret out there that somebody can’t Google and sell the implementation. 

That’s what Rapid Fire Coaching is. It’s selling that implementation piece and keeping people from getting wrapped up with shiny object syndrome, impostor syndrome, and comparisonitis. It’s in the moment. I love it because I’ve been on the client side of it and from the coaching perspective. The feedback I get from my clients is incredible. 


You can position it different ways. 

Mine is more of a 6-month retainer. Right now it’s $500 a month for 6 months. If you pay in full, it’s a little bit of a discount. It’s a very affordable way to get support. You might be thinking, “Wow, that seems like not a lot of money for unlimited access to you.” The reality is it’s quick, bite-sized, rapid-fire answers. 


It’s just enough to keep people accountable and keep people moving forward. 

If you are in a position, or you do a coaching program, and you feel like implementation is the piece that people are struggling with, I would really encourage you to think about how you could implement Rapid Fire Coaching. If you want to chat about it, please send me a DM. I’m happy to chat with you about it. See if it’s something that is a good fit for you and your clients. 


You could also set it up as a graduate program. 

So they go through a 6-month program with you, and now they just want this accountability. It could be more of a Rapid Fire group program. In this model, the client would work with you one-on-one, then everybody goes into this Rapid Fire group program. This is where you could do a Q&A session where it’s quick, rapid-fire questions and answers at any time or once a week. 

There are so many different ways you can set up this type of offer. This is why I always say there is not a one size fits all business model. Take the business model and then adapt it to what works for you and your clients.

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