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Today, I want to chat about all things biz planning. It is my absolute favorite time of the year. I can’t believe it’s already here, November! You might think it’s kind of crazy to be talking about this already but it’s going to be the first week of December. I’m blocking off my calendar right now.

One of the things I really want you guys to understand and realize is that anything I share with you is not me just telling you what to do. I share from personal experience, and I am here growing my business, too. Just know that I am right here in the trenches with you.


Biz planning is essential to determine new business opportunities. 

What I didn’t love about my previous biz planning structure is that I was only with people for a week. We put all this amazing energy into a business plan and things are going really well. Then, it ends.

Last year, I tried doing quarterly check-ins with everybody, but nobody was showing up. There weren’t any questions coming. So I got kind of discouraged. 

I understand that in order for your business plan to work, you have to keep reevaluating it. Then, I looked at my business plan. It is sitting right here on my desk. I can’t even tell you the last time I looked at it, maybe after q1. Then, I never looked at it again. 


Life just gets busy and a biz planning should help you prepare for it.

Many things have changed. New opportunities have come. One of the things that I always think is that I’m going to set up this big plan and I’m not going to change it. I’m going to stick with it. Because how can you create any level of consistency or growth if you’re changing things up all the time? 


Change means we’re evolving.

I think we’ve created such negative feelings around change and growth. Yet if things aren’t changing then, most of the time, you’re not growing. We need to look at change not as a negative, but as a positive.

I look at this and think to myself, “There’s your business plan. What you laid out doesn’t look anything like what you had put in play for last year.” And that’s okay. Please don’t beat yourself up about it.  If I look at everything that’s changed, and all of the amazing things that have happened because I didn’t stick to that plan, there are so many more positives and negatives. 


Reflection is a major factor in biz planning.

You need to be able to reflect and look at

What works is that intensive the first week in December. It is always amazing! Everybody gets super fired up. They really step into that ownership and that CEO role. I love it! What didn’t work were the quarterly check-ins, the lack of community, and staying in touch.


My biz planning program this year is exciting and different. 

This year’s planning is not going to be a week-long program. It is going to be a 12-month-long program. With that 12 months, not only are we going to meet at the beginning of December to do the yearly overview, but then every other month we’re going to meet again. They might be 60 to 90-minute sessions. 

We’re only going to biz plan 60 days at a time. Honestly, one month is not enough time to really evaluate what’s working and what’s not working. Yet, quarterly can be too long. A lot can change in 90 days. I’m all for consistency and sticking with things for 90 days, and I also think checking in on that and making sure that plan is still working throughout that 90 days is extremely beneficial and helpful.


Growth begins when you can find something that lights you up and figure out what it is that you need to do to feel really good about it. 

For me, this is what I feel really good about. It’s a 12-month long program and will be $200 a month, which I feel is extremely affordable and accessible. Also, it’s going to include a WhatsApp group that allows people to create a little bit of community and accountability around their plan.

Then every other month, we’re going to check in and go back through to evaluate those goals. It’s going to be very focused on: 


I would love to invite you to join my biz planning program. 

If you want to get in on biz planning week, please shoot me a message or email me.  You’re going to see me promoting it everywhere. It’s going to be impossible for you not to find it. If you follow me at all, you’re going to see how you can sign up for biz planning week.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind when it comes to biz planning for your new year is to think about what works and what doesn’t work. What gets people the best results? Don’t be afraid to make them non-negotiables. 


We need to stay accountable to the plan.

The 12 months are non-negotiable. Do not be afraid to set up those non-negotiables. That is really important as you’re moving into the new year. You need to really think about what is getting people the best results, and really stepping into the CEO role. 


What helps people get the best results is masterminds, peer-to-peer support, and all of the things that we do in the Alliance. 

I’ve also created a package where you could bundle in six months of membership in the Alliance, it ends up saving you over $100 a month with both. I am so excited. You get to:


If you are ready to amplify your brand and your business in 2023, I am personally inviting you in.

Let’s talk about it! Send me a DM. Let’s figure out where you’re at. Let’s talk about this and see if this is a good fit for you. 

I’m telling you…everybody should be in biz planning. It should be a long-term commitment. You’re not in business for 5 days, 3 months, or even just 6 months, right? Business is long-term. You need to be committed to those things for the long haul. 

It makes a massive difference when you are committed to something. One of the best investments I made this year was the 12-month commitment to my mindset coach. Being able to have those check-ins with her and stay on top of things at that moment. I’m telling you, it’s a game changer. New opportunities are coming your way all the time. This is part of the progression and growth of business ownership. Own it!


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