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Quality vs Quantity: Which One Is Better?

Quality vs Quantity: Which One Is Better?

Is it Quality vs. Quantity or Quantity vs Quality? It’s really not one or the other. You need BOTH to be able to grow your business. Growth and success are about finding the balance between the quality of your audience AND the number of people that in your audience. I’m going to share the lesson that my pepper plant taught me regarding quality vs quantity.


When I talk about sales and marketing and growing your business, you really do need quantity. 

It’s about the number of people in your pipeline, the number of people you’re connecting with, and the number of people in your world. Not necessarily on your email list, but just in your world. I want you to think about how many conversations you are starting, continuing, and amplifying.


Now, can those conversations be quality conversations? 

I am all for building relationships, nurturing them, and having true deep conversations. The thing is, you can only do this with 5 or 10 people.

This is a huge lesson I had to learn this year myself. I’m good at nurturing a very small circle. Sometimes we come up short of our goals and we wonder why. Especially when you look at other people that are supposedly hitting these massive goals. The reason is they have both quality and quantity. 


Here’s the lesson from my pepper plant. 

I planted a pepper plant in August. I bought this tiny little standing planter box. I wanted to just see if things would grow. The climate here in Florida is not always super conducive to gardening. We’ve tried it a couple of times. It’s either too hot, too rainy, too wet, too dry, etc. 

So I bought one pepper plant and one tomato plant. I have been nurturing and watering this pepper plant since August. Every single week I go out, feed it, talk to it, water it, and make sure it’s got sunlight. I’ve even been giving it some coffee grounds to make sure the soil is nice and fertilized and has the perfect pH and all. 

I have one pepper growing on it. It’s quality. Truly, it’s a beautiful pepper! But it’s not going to put peppers in my freezer all winter long. It’s not going to even feed me for a week. This pepper is to feed me one meal. 


So- what’s the lesson on quality vs quantity?

When it comes to sales, nurturing your list, building and growing your business, and hitting your goals, it is often not about lack of quality. I am a high quality and have put a lot of time into this pepper. The fact of the matter is, one plant can only produce so many peppers.

You can have the lifetime value of a client, but if you’re only nurturing one plant or one person, you’re only going to get 1-lifetime sale. If you’re trying to sell a one-to-many program to 10 people. you have a 20% close rate, you’re only going to sell it to two people.

It’s no different than my pepper plant. If I planted 100 pepper plants and nurtured them the way I have nurtured my one pepper plant, I would have enough peppers for my freezer for the year. It’s not about one or the other. I’m not compromising the quality of this pepper plant, but I also understand that it’s only going to give me so much produce. 

That’s what you have to understand, it’s not one or the other. It is totally both. You have to have quantity and quality. They go hand-in-hand with one another.


Time to put it into action.

If you’re coming up short on your goals, or you feel like things are not going the way you think they should, I want you to look at how many people you have. What is your quantity, and what is the quality of how you’re nurturing them? Are you watering them once a week, once a month, or once a year? Have they died because you didn’t water them at all?

Really analyze this and look at the facts. Take the emotion out of it. It’s not about the emotional response to this person. If your sales are coming up short, I want you to look at how many people you’ve talked to. How many people are in your pipeline, and how many people are you nurturing? You also need to understand your conversion rate. 


You have to have both quality and quantity.

It’s not one or the other…it’s quality AND quantity. I am getting a quality pepper from my pepper plant, but I’m only going to get so many because I only planted one. If I want more peppers, I need to plant more seeds. That’s just the way it is. You can only harvest so much from one plant. 


Go look at your numbers and figure out how you can find and get both quality and quantity.

I know this can be a hard lesson to learn. And I know it sucks because we like to operate in these little small circles. If you’re looking for massive growth, you have to really master this one. I’m right here always 100% in the trenches with you learning these lessons and sharing them with you.


I want to remind you that the Conqueror 2023 Biz Plan Program is open for enrollment. 

If you follow me, you’re seeing it all over the place. The mission that I am on is that nobody should have to build their business alone. This year we are going to conquer 2023 all year long. The biz plan program is a 12-month program. We’re kicking it off with our same tried and true 5-day biz plan intensive the first week of December. 

Then, every other month from here on out we are going to meet. We are going to go through and dive into the facts and really analyze what’s working and what’s not working. I’m going to help you really make sure that you are growing your business in a way that is going to help you conquer all of your goals in 2023.


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