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Stop setting fluffy f*ucking goals that get you nowhere. You know the ones I’m talking about Ones like “I want to have a 6-figure year.” OR “I want to make $100k months.” Goals like these set you up to fail because they are fluffy, lofty, and don’t have any data behind them. These lofty, fluffy goals are not specific enough to help you actually achieve them. SO STOP SETTING YOURSELF UP TO FAIL BY SETTING FLUFFY GOALS!

As you’re getting ready to wrap up the year, I want you to really truly consider being a part of the Conquer 2023 Biz Plan Program. I highly suggest you be a part of the program because these are the things that we’re going to be talking about all the time and make sure that you truly do conquer 2023. 


One of the things that I really want you to take the time to reflect on is your goals. 

Hopefully, you have them written down somewhere. If you don’t have goals written down, that’s step number one. You have to have goals written down that you can reflect back on. So you can do this annually, quarterly, or even monthly. I’m really going to focus on 60-day sprints this year.


What I want you to stop doing is setting these fluffy f*cking goals.

I don’t care if you came up short, nailed it, or you far exceeded your goal in 2022. If you set a fluffy goal, and you pick a pie-in-the-sky number or something random with nothing really that backs it up, then there’s a good chance you friggin nailed it. You probably blew it out of the water. If you did amazing, good for you. I’m celebrating you.


Now take that data and set accurate, data-driven goals for next year. 

Fluffy goals are only going to grow your business so far. That is one of the things that I am absolutely not going to tolerate this year inside the Conquer 2023 Program. When people hire me and sign up for these programs, my job is to make sure that you are moving your business forward. 


I personally think it’s a little difficult to set massive goals for the entire year.

Let’s face it. Life happens! However, I do think that you can set some goals for it. I’m setting a revenue goal myself this year. So I know exactly where I’m starting. If you want to set a revenue goal, you need to look at where you’re starting from. Look at your profit and loss statement and see:


You need to reverse engineer your goals.

I have a lot of people that say they want to hit $10k months or $20k months. That’s great. But what does that look like? Are $20k months really where you want to be? I want you to think about this and really dive into the data. 

I want you to look at what your monthly expenses are. What are you looking to pay yourself, and what are you saving for taxes? Are there any investments you are trying to make in your business? You also need to consider: 


Stop setting these fluffy goals. 

I want you to truly look into the data of it all and figure out, what that goal needs to be. It could be that you are incrementally working on this. You could set a one-month goal or a two-month goal to increase revenue. Look at your revenue. You could do one particular month or you might want to average it for the year, and then increase it. 


Use this formula. 

Start with the word increase or save (savings/revenue/sales/whatever) from X to Y by (date). Ex. save/increase (savings) from x to y by (date) Whatever that looks like for you. This could work for all of your goals. 


Your overall goals are the outcome you desire.

I’ve got an entire training on outcome versus process goals. The $20,000 in the savings account, and the $20,000 months are your outcome goals. That’s the outcome you are desiring. But what are the processes, commitments, and actions that need to take place for you to get there?


This is where you’ve got to break that goal down. 

The next step is looking to make sure that it is even physically possible with your current business model. Do you have packages and offers that are going to get you to $20,000 a month in the number of hours you have available? 

Mel Robbins has a fabulous podcast on manifestation. He says it’s not just about envisioning the $20,000 per month, it’s about manifesting and really visualizing what the steps are that you need to be taking. Who are the people you need to be talking to? Yes, you can manifest all of those things, and you can really visualize them. But you also have to know what the actions are and embody the entire process. If you don’t know what those actions are and it’s not physically possible, then you’re going to feel like you are doing something wrong.


This is why the data is crucially important. 

You need to take the time to really look into this before you start setting random goals. They have to have data behind them so that you can set up the actions, or as I call them processes. Ask yourself, what are:


Pick a word, but you’ve got to be willing to break it down. 

The goal has to be able to be broken down into steps that you can very clearly see and go, “Okay, this is what it’s going to take for me to hit this goal. Now I can go and implement it.” It has to be implementable.


It’s not too late to join me for the Conquer 2023 Biz Plan Program. 

It’s $150 a month for the entire year. It is a steal. It is like all of the programs I’ve ever created rolled into one this year. I am going to make sure you are hitting your goals. That is what is most important. We are going to conquer 2023 and hit goals that we have never hit before! I can promise you that! This is a rising tide that raises all boats. It is a group effort. Everybody inside this program is going to excel. So get your butt there!


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