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Here’s what you will learn inside this guide…


How and why “winging it” is leaving you spinning in circles and costing you thousands


How to move out of the dreaded “comfort zone” that is keeping you safe but costing you growth


Constantly creating new offers and having a million things to sell is actually costing you sales and turning your audience OFF


How NOT to fall prey to the “it worked for them” and to show up as your truly GENUINE self

What others have said when working with Michelle

And to think people question the value of working with a business coach! I described my current business model, and Michelle immediately suggested two new service options. She coached me through clarifying the details, asked insightful questions challenging my old way of thinking about my work, and guided me through refining the new offerings.

Lisa Stambaugh, Content Writer & Strategist

Michelle has been a HUGE asset to my business. I began working with Michelle in March 2020 when I came to her with the desire to scale & grow my business. She not only helped me gain deep insight & clarity in my business and my offers but she has partnered with me in building sustainable strategies.

Jena Paulo, Operations & Systems Consultant

What an experience!!!! Well worth the time, investment, and emotion.... yes, there was emotion! Michelle's no excuse approach and focused energy was exactly what I (and my biz) needed.

Miranda VonFricken, Leadership Coach

I have been working with Michelle for going on 3 years now. I appreciate that her advice is tailored to my business and lifestyle goals, not a canned approach with generic information that is (sadly) so prevalent in the online space.

Nicole Cheri Oden, Attorney