Michelle DeNio

Hey there, I am Michelle DeNio-
Wife | Mimi | Fur Baby Mama | Beach Lover

My Story

As a strategist with a passion for life and business excellence, I work with busy entrepreneurs and small business leaders like you. I help them reframe challenges to create a bigger impact on the world, while sharing their beautiful gifts. We work closely together to get past feeling “stuck,” accelerate their growth, and move forward with a clear and realistic strategy.  


10+ years in the corporate arena — including business operations & development, sales, leadership training, management, time management, and finance — provided a wealth of experience, both broad and deep. My passion lies in coaching others along their path to successful transformation, to identify objectives, attain goals, and then self-manage to sustain their hard-earned success. My “sweet spot” is at the intersection of my skills and passion: my best work is in helping others clarify their business desires, explore possibilities, and strategically execute towards living life to the fullest.  

When I am not helping other entrepreneurs achieve their best, you can find me frolicking on a sandy beach with my pup, while dreaming up the next amazing meal I’ll be cooking for my family — probably a delicious Italian or Mediterranean feast.

I can’t wait to work with you together to achieve your BIG dreams!